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What is sickle cell anemia?

The  sickle cell anemia  is an inherited blood disease. It can cause a series of serious complications such as anemia, respiratory failure, but also very painful attacks that occur in different parts of the body.
Those most affected by sickle cell disease are people of African or Middle Eastern descent, as well as South and Central America.
The  symptoms of sickle cell anemia  include periods of intense pain, rapid heart rate, yellowing of the skin, jaundice, vision problems, skin ulcers, confusion, urinary tract infections, bone lung and / or gallbladder biliary and others.
Sickle cell disease is difficult to treat. Conventional medicine is generally aimed at managing and controlling symptoms, often with hydroxycarbamide, as well as pain relievers. Hydroxycarbamide inhibits DNA replication, which can slow down sickle cell production and worsen symptoms of sickle cell disease.
These drugs also cause a number of unwanted and toxic side effects, including toxicity to the bone marrow, liver, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, mucositis, hair loss, blood problems. blood urea and creatinine.
Fortunately, there are natural remedies that are much more effective. Indeed, certain medicinal plants allow to cure definitively the symptoms of sickle cell disease. Here are the 6 best natural remedies for sickle cell disease:

1- African herbal medicine

If you are looking for a natural way to cure sickle cell disease, then this natural treatment is for you. Here is the world's best natural remedy for  sickle cell disease. Herbal tea is a natural remedy made from medicinal plants. The active ingredients it contains prevent the onset of painful crises in children as well as in adults. Thus, it works by reducing the number of red blood cells deformed by sickle cell disease and by promoting the production of new normal red blood cells.
In addition, it straightens red blood cells deformed by disease and prevents them from blocking small blood vessels and causing severe pain. This will allow you to regain normal blood circulation. This herbal tea is a very effective remedy and has already enabled many patients to prevent their sickle cell attacks. Its success far exceeds that of the main drug against sickle cell disease.
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2- Cajanus cajan

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The Cajanus cajan, Pois d'angole in French, is a shrub 3 meters high, growing in tropical or subtropical regions around the world. The leaves and seeds do not have the same chemical composition, with different indications as a result. The leaf contains tannins and sterols. The seed, carbohydrates (the main constituent), proteins rich in amino acids such as phenylalanine, lipids, phenolic acids and some vitamins.
The leaves have no activity in sickle cell disease, they are antibacterial. These are the seeds that have anti-sickle cell activity, reducing the level of sickle red blood cells. Cajaminosis prolongs the time it takes for red blood cells to sickle.

3- Fagara zanthoxyloids

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Zanthozyloid Fagara is commonly called the Fagarier. The Fagarier is a tree which is found in Senegal, in Benin as well as in Cameroon. It is one of the components of VK 500, a medicine for sickle cell anemia. One gram of powder from the root of this plant drunk by a very sick sickle cell patient three times a day makes seizures completely disappear. Fagara prevents hemolysis of red blood cells. The active ingredients responsible for the antidepanocytic action are acids, the main one being hydroxymethyl-benzoic acid and also zanthoxylol. How do you use fagara against sickle cell disease?
-Mix the fagara and calotropis powders in equal quantity
-Take a teaspoon of the mixture, mixed in a glass of hot water
-drink 3 times a day (morning, noon and evening).

4- Calotropis procera

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Calotropis procera, also called "Apple tree of Sodom", grows in desert and even semi-desert areas of the coastal regions of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, on soils which can be considered as degraded, always close to dry streams. They are also found in Morocco, especially between Rissani and Agdz. In Morocco, it is called the satan tree. To use it against sickle cell disease, it must be mixed with Fagara (see above)

5-  Moringa Oleifera

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A small tree that can measure up to 10 to 12 m, the moringa is a very fast growing tree (2.5 m after three months) which requires very little water. Moringa leaves are very effective in relieving sickle cell disease.
Infuse the leaves and drink like tea several times a day, or take the powder a spoonful twice a day cold or hot in the meal or other drinks work very effectively

6-  Sugar cane

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Mixing sugar cane with the white and red flowers of Mesembryanthemum is very effective against sickle cell disease.
-Sugar cane
-The white and red flowers of Mesembryanthemum (still called bonjour
bonoir -Plain water
-Cut the sugar cane into pieces and add the two red and white flowers that you rinse properly.
-Make the infusion with plain water for 07 minutes.
Take this herbal tea with a beer glass morning and evening for two good weeks.

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