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Alcoholism is an addiction that generates a strong need and anxiety to ingest alcohol so that there is a physical and psychological dependence of the same individual, manifested by various symptoms of withdrawal when it is impossible ingestion. The alcoholic has no control over the limits of his consumption, which increases as tolerance to this drug develops. 2  It is considered a chronic, progressive, and fatal disease by the American Medical Association along with other addictions.

Alcohol dependence can be the result of genetic predisposition, mental illness, heavy, sustained and abusive use of alcohol, or a combination of these factors. This disease affects not only the addict but also the lives of everyone around him. Recent research in genetics and neuroscience has identified certain genetic characteristics that are believed to be linked to alcohol dependence. Researchers continue to learn about the link between genetic inheritance and alcoholism. There is currently no possible cure for this disease, but many alcoholics remain sober for extended periods of time depending on their willpower and commitment to overcome this disease.

Our Treatment
Our natural remedy to stop drinking is in the form of herbal tea. This natural therapy is the perfect solution to stop alcohol consumption.  It is made from plants that remove acetaldehyde from the body while reducing the need to drink. These plants prevent the production of dopamine, which is the neurotransmitter providing the feeling of well-being and pleasure stimulated by acetaldehydeOur natural remedy for stopping alcohol consumption helps overcome withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, irritation, hunger, and lack of concentrationOur natural remedy is the secret to quitting drinking for good. As soon as you feel a strong urge to drink, take a glass of this herbal tea, it will calm your urge to drink.

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Treatment of alcoholism is often prevented by the patient's own will not notice the presence of alcohol dependence, the need to stop drinking on his own, or with the help of special drugs. Folk remedies can be used to treat even without the knowledge of the patient. However, in order to start using them, it is necessary to know exactly what are the properties of these or other herbs. It is necessary to adhere to the dosage, since the substances contained in plants can be toxic, and the expected effect can be very strong. For the treatment of alcoholism, healers use herbal tea, extracts of individual plants, teas.

Why do we use herbs to treat alcoholism?

Herbal medicine: treatments to be handled with caution

In the treatment of poisoning, it is necessary to solve several problems at once:

  • Freedom from longing for alcohol, which occurs in high doses after regular consumption of alcohol for a few months and leads to the addiction of the body to the toxic effect;
  • Body wash with alcohol. The destruction of the liver and kidneys under the influence of ethyl alcohol leads to the inability to neutralize the function and remove the toxin, its accumulation in the blood. This worsens the symptoms of alcohol poisoning;
  • Treatment of the heart and other organs is affected by prolonged alcohol consumption. Ethyl alcohol destroys the cardiovascular system, causes a disturbance of the heart rhythm, an increase in blood pressure, hemorrhage;
  • Bringing together the central nervous system and brain activity. Damage to nerve cells causes dizziness, headaches, loss of motor coordination, and neuropsychiatric abnormalities (memory loss, sleep disturbances, hallucinations and delusions).

Herbs from alcoholism are often used as an antibacterial, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative. Additionally, you can make herbal teas and herbal teas which will help a person to create a distaste for alcohol. It helps fight chronic alcohol abuse at home.
When alcoholism uses herbs like thyme (creeping thyme), St. John's wort, lovage, hellebore, knapweed, wormwood, mint and others.

Reduce cravings for alcohol

Excessive consumption and alcohol dependence - planete sante

Some herbs that cause hatred for alcohol contain toxic substances (eg, chemeritz has a protoveratrine). According to them, after using drugs, a person develops nausea and vomiting. If taken with alcohol, a negative reaction to alcohol occurs.
Before using herbal remedies (decoctions, tea), you need to know what dose to drink them. They are not used in the presence of plant allergies, as well as for people with serious diseases such as heart, liver and kidneys. Before using such drugs, you should know how to give first aid for poisoning, these are convulsions, pallor, a sharp drop in pressure.

Chemeritsa (Puppeteer)

Chemeritsa Lobel (Puppeteer, Chemerka, Zhimeritsa)

In chronic alcoholism, this herb is used as an infusion prepared with 1 teaspoon of boiling water and 1 teaspoon of herbal steam. The addition of the drug in 2 drops is that the drinker does not know. If he drinks alcohol later, the body reacts immediately. After that, an emetic reflex is developed for alcohol, the person will want to stop drinking himself.

Herbal Fresh

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Stop drinking, fight against harmful cravings for alcohol, help effective folk remedies based on the accusations of medicinal herbs.


Thyme properties and benefits of a powerful antiseptic ...

The collection of creeping thyme, worms and bitter centaur (herbs are taken in the ratio 4: 1: 1) is used to prepare the infusion. Take 1 tablespoon of a glass of boiling water. Before use, the mixture should be infused for 1 to 2 hours. For 50 days, drink a tablespoon of the medicine before each meal. Medicinal properties appear after a few days. The man says that drinking alcohol will already attract less.

Aromatic plants

List of all the aromatic plants of the Arom'antique nursery

  • Wort root, hooves, bitter wormwood and thyme (ratio 2: 2: 1: 3). Measure the mixture 3 tablespoons, pour 3 glasses of tap water and let steep until morning. In the morning, boil the mixture for half an hour over low heat, then cool and strain. It is recommended to drink broths, 1 tablespoon each, before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Restoration of cardiac activity and strengthening of the nervous system

Herbal remedies for alcoholism can normalize blood pressure, adjust heart rate, eliminate insomnia and irritability. They are used as fresh or brew teas to help improve the condition of the body in the fight against alcohol addiction.

  • Harvest of hawthorn, swamp, mint, shepherd's handbag, dill (4: 2: 1: 1: 1) with the addition of hawthorn berries, mountain ash, and strawberry leaves (1: 1: 2 ). Choose 3 scoops, all mixed, steamed with 2.5 cups of boiling water. Leave overnight. It is necessary to divide the resulting infusion into 3 portions and drink 30 minutes before meals. Treatment should be completed within six months. You should stop treatment for 10 days every 30-40 days, then reuse the collection. Folk remedies with a similar composition allow, after various applications, a significant improvement in the condition of the nervous system, a constant drop in pressure and the elimination of heart rhythm disturbances.

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