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Plantain seeds and epididymal cyst

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  • On 08/09/2020

The spermatocele is a benign formation that develops in the epididymis. The disease is quite common - testicular cysts are detected in about one in three men, directed to ultrasound. Is it possible to carry out the treatment with folk remedies with a diagnosis of “spermatocele”? Click on the image below to discover the highly effective natural treatment that will cure epididymal cysts.

Epididymal cyst natural solution

Plants against epididymal cyst (spermatocele)

The remedy that we offer you consists of plants that are very effective against cysts including spermatocele. To facilitate their ingestion, the plants were macerated and reduced to powder. Certain properties of our remedy make it an effective treatment for spermatocele. These include: -
Painkiller to reduce any discomfort caused by the spermatocele;
-Anti-inflammatory to limit damage, prevent cyst development, prevent the development of other cysts on the epididymis;
-Draining power to facilitate drainage of the liquid;
-Astringent, to tighten the tissues as the drainage takes place;
-A significant "antibiotic" action to ensure an internal environment less conducive to infections.

Why the testicular cyst develops

Unfortunately, no doctor can name the exact cause of the development of the spermatocele. Why benign and malignant tumors occur, science has not yet established with certainty. Although there are certain prerequisites that can act as provocateurs in the case of the formation of cysts of the epididymis. For example, in the case of congenital pathology, the cause is a violation of embryonic genesis. As a result, a cyst appears in the baby's testis with a clear fluid that does not contain semen. Such a formation does not lead to infertility of an adult man, since the tumor does not prevent the outflow of sperm.

However, congenital spermatocele in men is rare, usually an acquired pathology is encountered, caused by acute inflammation of the epididymis or trauma. This case disrupts the patency of the duct leading to sperm, which leads to the accumulation of sperm and the appearance of a benign, gradually growing neoplasm.

Often the acquired form of the cyst is multi-chambered, with cloudy contents, which contains a large number of spermatocytes and spermatozoa.

Lack of treatment leads to an increase in neoplasms, the appearance of painful sensations. Since the tumor can grow, it is possible to constrict the seminal duct, which leads to infertility.

The different treatments for cysts of the epididymis offered by modern medicine

The therapeutic treatment of testicular cysts does not give a positive effect. The only method known to modern medicine to save men from this type of neoplasm is surgery. In this case, the removal of the tumor is not always considered mandatory. They resort to surgery in case of neoplasm growth, strong pain syndrome and a negative effect on reproduction.

In addition, the treatment can be done by sclerotherapy. However, during the procedure, the epididymis is damaged, which inevitably leads to infertility. Therefore, sclerotherapy is recommended for older men, for whom the loss of reproductive function will not be a tragedy.

Removal of cysts today can be done by laser. This reduces the rate of injury, complications rarely develop. However, laser treatment is still underdeveloped. Treatment of spermatocele in men can be done by alternative methods. One of them includes traditional medicine.

Plantain seed remedy for spermatocele

plantain seeds

Plantain seeds make male strength, relieve pain in the scrotum with a cyst, cleanse the genital tract, and help the body to dissolve all neoplasms on its own. We will give you 2 recipes based on this miracle cure.

-You can take 100 g of plantain seeds and pour 1 liter of quality white wine. Infuse the remedy for 14 days. Then you have to filter and take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day one hour before meals.

-No less effective we have an infusion of plantain seeds. Pour a handful of plantain seeds with 1 liter of boiling water, cover and let stand for 1 hour. Drink the filtered remedy instead of your usual tea at the rate of one liter per day.

Medicinal properties of plantain seeds

Plantain seeds are saturated with trace elements, amino acids, contain dietary fiber and have the following properties:

-wound healing;
-cleaning, etc.

Based on the above, the use of plantain seeds for the prevention of various diseases is undeniable. Therefore, systematic use:

1.  It has a healing effect on the intestines, relieves inflammation, irritation of mucous tissue. Effective for colitis and peptic ulcer;
2.  a slight laxative effect improves the condition of chronic constipation;
3.  prevents diseases of the cardiovascular system. It normalizes cholesterol levels, strengthens the walls of blood vessels. It is used for hemorrhoids, varicose veins, hypertension;
4.  has a choleretic effect;
5.  lowers blood sugar;
6.  has a therapeutic effect in the treatment of urinary incontinence, cystitis; 

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7.Helps  with infertility, inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs, bleeding, adhesions,


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