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Link between endometriosis and infertility: natural treatment

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Link between endometriosis and infertility: natural treatment

Endometriosis is a disorder in which tissue that normally lines the uterus (the endometrium ) grows outside the uterine cavity. It can adhere to the outside of the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. The ovaries are responsible for releasing an egg each month, and the fallopian tubes carry the egg from the ovaries to the uterus.
When any of these organs are damaged, blocked, or irritated by the endometrium, it is more difficult to get pregnant and have a normal pregnancy.
If you have 
endometriosis, you have probably asked yourself the question "Can endometriosis prevent me from getting pregnant?" Indeed, many of you are wondering about the link between endometriosis and fertility. Endometriosis does not necessarily cause infertility , but there is an association with fertility problems, although the cause is not fully established. However, rest assured! Even with severe endometriosis, natural conception is still possible.
The main factor influencing fertility is the woman's age, since a woman is born with her lifetime egg reserves and must undergo maturation for fertilization. Fertility declines rapidly after age 38, due to the speed at which egg pockets disappear from the accelerating ovaries and increased rates of miscarriage and chromosomal abnormalities. Your age, condition, and the severity of your condition all influence your chances of carrying a baby to term.


What is the best natural remedy for curing endometriosis with herbs?

Here is the best  natural remedy  for curing endometriosis with herbs. Associated with an  adapted diet against endometriosisThis natural treatment can cure endometriosis quite easily and without side effects. It is specially designed for patients who do not want to have surgery, because every operation carries a risk. It outperforms conventional treatments that relieve pain, but don't get to the root of the pain. How does it work?
this natural remedy contains plants which reduce the level of estrogen in the blood. This helps block the proliferation and bleeding of endometriosis lesions. The herbal tea will remove the pain you feel during your period and allow you to experience normal cycles.
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How endometriosis affects fertility?

Many of you are wondering about the link between endometriosis and fertility. Although endometriosis can affect your chances of getting pregnant, most women with mild endometriosis are not infertile. It is estimated that about 70% of women with mild to moderate endometriosis will become pregnant without treatment.
The exact nature of the link between infertility and endometriosis is unclear, but the severity of the condition and the location of the tissue appear to have an effect. For example, it's not really clear how a few endometriosis spots can affect your chances of getting pregnant, but if you have severe endometriosis, your chances of being affected by changes in your anatomy. However, even with severe endometriosis, natural conception is possible.

Endometriosis and  Miscarriage

The link between endometriosis and miscarriage after natural conception is not yet clear.
Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) constitute the highest level of scientific evidence available. To date, only two of them have looked at endometriosis and miscarriages. These two trials investigated the effect of surgical treatment by perforation of mild endometriosis on miscarriages, comparing them to women who had not received surgical treatment. When the results of these two trials were brought together, there was no reduction in the rate of miscarriage, suggesting that treatment for endometriosis has no impact on miscarriage.
There are also two large population-based databases, however, which suggest that endometriosis is linked to miscarriage. The first comes from Sweden and involves 24,667 women with endometriosis and 98,668 women without endometriosis.
It shows that women with endometriosis were 20% more likely to miscarry compared to women who did not. The second database is Scottish and compared 5,375 women with endometriosis and 8,710 women without endometriosis.
They also found that women with endometriosis were at greater risk of miscarriage than others.
In summary, while randomized controlled trials have shown that treatment for endometriosis has no impact on miscarriage rates, large population-based databases show a clear link between the two. With this conflict, it is impossible to determine whether or not endometriosis leads to miscarriages. There is therefore an urgent need for better quality research to help us determine whether endometriosis really has a role to play in miscarriages.

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