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NATURAL TREATMENT: cloves to get pregnant

What is female infertility? 

More and more women are having difficulty getting pregnant. It is estimated that currently one in five couples need medical assistance to get a pregnancy started, mostly the woman is the cause of the problem, due to various pathologies. Female infertility is also on the rise. Infertility is the inability of a couple to become pregnant or, for a woman, to carry a gestation to term. It is estimated that infertility is established after two years of unprotected sex. Unlike infertility, female infertility  is not permanent. It can result from various gynecological disorders or dysfunctions: endometriosis  , uterine polyps , obstruction of the fallopian tubes , obesity, stress, excessive alcohol consumption . If you suffer from female infertility, and you want to get pregnant naturally without going through the operating room, our experts have the natural solution for you.

Natural herbal treatment

Natural treatment to get pregnant

The natural treatment that we offer is a specific treatment. This is the secret to curing female infertility. Nevertheless, it is essential that you consult a gynecologist or have had a fertility check-up to know the main cause of your infertility.
Our treatment for female infertility depends on the origin of the disease. The composition of the natural remedy will therefore depend on the cause of female infertility. Our natural treatments are only made from plants whose effectiveness is scientifically proven. Thus, it is the best natural remedy for female infertility made with herbal remedies. They are the miracle solution to cure virtually all forms of female infertility. Above all, have no fear, our natural treatments have already proven their effectiveness in each of the causes of female infertility listed above. The plants that we use are then the perfect solution to cure female infertility. They even enter into the composition of certain drugs. Our natural remedies are the secret to curing any form of female infertility. We offer you a definite advantage: the absence of side effects and contraindications. The natural approach is often the best approach to take to find the solution. Our natural remedies have made it possible for many women to have children. Being natural products based on plants and herbs, our natural remedies have no side effects, either on the body or on health. Our natural treatment is not dangerous. So you can heal Our natural remedies have made it possible for many women to have children. Being natural products based on plants and herbs, our natural remedies have no side effects, either on the body or on health. Our natural treatment is not dangerous. So you can heal Our natural remedies have made it possible for many women to have children. Being natural products based on plants and herbs, our natural remedies have no side effects, either on the body or on health. Our natural treatment is not dangerous. So you can healfemale infertility without fear of the appearance of side effects. 

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What is the clove?

Cooking with cloves - Marie Claire

The Clove  is a spice commonly used in everyday life. We can use cloves for food seasonings to mix into drinks to taste more delicious. The many functions of clove certainly cannot be separated from its benefits. Cloves contain potassium, calcium, magnesium,  vitamin A  , vitamin C and many other substances which can support the health of our body.  Clove is without a doubt a delicious herb that can be easily added to a number of meals and drinks, and helps  relieve cramps  and  nausea during pregnancy. . It is  rich in antioxidants  , which play a protective role for your ovaries and eggs against oxidative damage and stress. Many herbalists also say that it increases blood flow to the genitals, supplying important nutrients and flushing out toxins .

So what are the health benefits of cloves? Check out the list of properties of cloves for our body below!

  • Inhibit bacterial growth

Cloves have antimicrobial properties which can inhibit the growth of bacteria, toppers. Clove oil is effective in killing various types of bacteria, including  Escherichia coli  which causes diarrhea. This antibacterial property is also beneficial for oral health, as it can kill bacteria that can trigger gum disease.

  • Healthy digestive system

Other benefits of cloves are for the digestive system of the human body. Cloves can stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes, reduce nausea, overcome gastric irritation, and many more. In addition, other benefits of cloves are believed to be able to overcome chronic diarrhea and dysentery.

  • Overcome Tooth Pain

The eugenol compounds in cloves can reduce pain in the teeth and gums. Additionally, cloves are also helpful in treating inflammation and infection. You can try it to overcome your toothache.

  • Ease the pain

The content of chemical compounds in cloves can be used for pain relief. The content has anti-pain , anti-inflammatory effects and reduces cellular damage to the nerves. 

  • Maintain bone health

The benefits of cloves can also be felt for bone health Cloves can help treat bone density and osteoporosis. You can add cloves to the powder in foods or drinks like tea and milk to get the benefits. The manganese content in tea works to supplement the daily nutrition of bones, toppers.

  • Increase endurance

Cloves are also helpful in increasing stamina or immunity . The compounds in cloves can increase stamina by producing white blood cells, toppers. Additionally, cloves can delay hypersensitivity . So, regular consumption of cloves can make the body healthier and fit.

  • Reduce stomach acid

Other health benefits of cloves are to treat peptic ulcers or stomach acids. Stomach acid can occur due to the depletion of gastric mucus. It can be triggered by stress and infection. So, the essential oils in cloves are helpful in increasing the production of gastric mucus and preventing injury to the stomach wall.

  • Protect liver function

Cloves are rich in antioxidants which are very helpful in protecting organs from the effects of free radicals. In the long run, our body can increase the production of free radicals which can reduce antioxidants in the liver. Hence, we can consume enough cloves regularly to protect the liver function.

  • Prevent cancer

The content in cloves can help protect the body from cancer cells because the eugenol content in cloves has anti-cancer properties . What's more, clove extract can also help stop the growth of tumors. It can also kill cells found in cancer.

  • Stabilize blood sugar

Another benefit of cloves is to control blood sugar levels in the body. The amount of insulin production in diabetic patients is very low or not at all. Hence, this clove extract will work similarly to insulin which helps control blood sugar.

  • Relieves cough and throat

The content of eugenol in cloves is helpful in treating cough with phlegm. This content expands the phlegm to come out. In addition, there are pain-relieving and antibacterial effects on the throat. Cloves are also helpful in relieving itching in the throat.

  • Relieve headaches

It turns out that cloves are also helpful in relieving headaches quickly. If you have a headache, you can consume milk and clove powder to taste.

Here is a list of the health benefits of cloves. You can consume clove or clove oil in your food and drink. But keep in mind that excessive use can also be dangerous for your health. It can trigger allergies, skin irritation and the like. To maintain endurance, you also need to exercise regularly and maintain good hygiene.

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