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    What is necrosis of the femoral head?

    Osteonecrosis is a condition caused by the death of bone cells as a result of the disruption of blood flow to them. The disruption of blood flow occurs in areas where there are few anastomoses (such as the subchondral area of ​​the bone). Osteonecrosis is also known as avascular necrosis, aseptic necrosis, or ischemic bone necrosis. the most common sites are the femoral head, the humeral head, the knee, the small bones of the hand and foot. the condition is more common in men than in women. Osteonecrosis or avascular necrosis is a disease that affects the upper leg, more specifically the femoral head. In essence, the femoral head in your hip structure is receiving less and less blood. Since bone is living tissue, when this blood supply is reduced or the tissue no longer receives enough blood, the bone eventually dies. After the bone is destroyed (necrosis), the femoral head collapses and, if the situation is bad enough, the hip joint collapses.

    If you suffer from osteonecrosis and want a natural cure, we have the solution for you.

    Natural herbal medicinal treatment

    If you have osteonecrosis and want to heal naturally, without surgery, we've got you covered. Our natural remedy for osteonecrosis helps keep your bones strong by increasing your intake of minerals and especially calcium. Minerals are essential components of the bones which must be constantly assimilated by the body.  Our natural treatment can treat osteonecrosis very effectively in women. The reason is its high content of phytoestrogens. It looks like estrogen needed to maintain hormonal balance optimal and increase bone density. In addition to our grandmother's remedy, changing the lifestyle is also important, namely quitting smoking,  reducing alcohol consumption, maintaining optimal body weight or exercising.

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    Natural treatment for avascular necrosis

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    Dandelion and Osteonecrosis: What do you need to know?

    It is very rich in calcium. Just 10 grams of dried dandelion sprouts can provide more than a milligram of boron and 200 milligrams of calcium. Dandelion is also a good source of silicon, which helps strengthen bones.

    Strengthens the immune system

    Do you know if the benefits of dandelion can boost the immune system? Dandelion contains vitamin C which is rich in antioxidants. The antioxidant content in dandelion can help the body fend off various free radicals. In addition, there are substances in dandelion that have antimicrobial and antiviral properties. This is very useful in helping the body to fight infections from various germs and viruses. The growth of bacteria and viruses will be inhibited by the use of dandelion. The antioxidant, antiviral and antimicrobial substances in dandelion are very helpful in preventing the body from getting sick or other medical problems caused by both viruses, germs, and free radicals.

    Supports digestive health

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    If you want to have healthy digestion, use dandelion because the benefits of dandelion flowers can support digestive health. The inulin fiber content of dandelions promotes the development of prebiotics. Prebiotics thrive in the stomach because good bacteria can break down food and increase stomach contractions in the small intestine. These contractions can speed up the emptying of the stomach, which speeds up digestion. It can also increase intestinal peristalsis in order to overcome the problem of difficult stools or constipation. So, if you have constipation issues or difficult bowel movements, use dandelion to overcome them.

    Maintain a healthy heart

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    The liver is one of the organs that plays an important role. Various liver functions that are very important can function normally if the condition of the liver is in good condition. Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy liver. The benefits of dandelion can maintain liver health. This is because the antioxidant content of dandelions is able to protect liver tissue from toxic contamination. Additionally, the benefits of dandelion can also reduce the fat levels in teak tissue. You should know that excessive levels of fat can cause oxidative stress in liver tissue. This decrease in stress level also has a positive impact on the condition of the liver.

    Reduces blood lipid levels

    The state of health of the body is quite influenced by the levels of lipids in the blood. High levels of lipids such as triglycerides and LDL cholesterol in the blood can reduce the degree of health of the body. However, you don't have to worry as the benefits of dandelion can overcome this problem. Dandelion is helpful in effectively lowering LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Lowering blood lipid levels can also reduce the risk of heart disease.

    Controls blood sugar

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    If you want to stay healthy it is important that you always keep your blood sugar levels normal. Normal blood sugar can prevent the body from various complications of the disease and vice versa. High or low blood sugar is not good either. Both are blood sugar levels which can negatively impact the health of the body. Using dandelion can prevent high or low sugar levels. The content of cikorir acid and chlorogenate in dandelion is bioactive senyama. Both of these compounds can effectively lower blood sugar. This decrease in blood sugar occurs preceded by an increase in insulin secretion. Increased insulin secretion will increase the absorption of glucose (sugar) into the tissues. The absorption of glucose in the blood also automatically affects the decrease in the level of sugar in the blood.

    Lowers blood pressure

    Not only does lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, but the health benefits of dandelion can also lower blood pressure as well. So, it is very good for those of you who are suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension to use dandelion. The potassium and potassium content of dandelions with diuretic properties can detoxify the body. The process of detoxifying the body from all types of toxins and excess fluid is found to have an impact on lowering blood pressure.

    Overcome inflammation

    You should not be in a rush to use anti-inflammatory drugs to treat the inflammation that is occurring in the body. Inflammation can be overcome and relieved naturally. One way is to use dandelion. The benefits of dandelion can also help the body fight inflammation. This is because the content of certain substances such as polyphenols in dandelion is anti-inflammatory in order to relieve pain due to inflammation.

    Prevents and treats cancer

    One of the most important benefits of dandelion is that it can act as an effort to prevent and treat cancer. The content in dandelions can inhibit and reduce the growth of cancer cells.

    Losing weight

    Do you have a weight problem? Difficult to lose weight? You can use dandelion because the benefits of dandelion can help you lose excess weight. This is because the dandelion content can increase the metabolism of macronutrients and reduce the absorption of fat. Increased macro-nutrient metabolism and decreased fat absorption can significantly affect body weight.

    Take care of the beauty of the skin

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    Not only beneficial for health, but the benefits of dandelion can also be beneficial for beauty. Dandelion has benefits for treating the beauty of the skin. The contents of dandelion can protect the skin from DNA damage due to several factors. DNA damage in the skin is usually caused by exposure to the sun, pimples, aging, and others. The benefits of dandelion can prevent and overcome DNA damage in the skin by increasing the production of collagen and new skin cells.

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    What is osteonecrosis?

    Avascular necrosis is a serious disease that develops when blood supply to the bone is impaired or stops completely, resulting in the death of bone tissue. Avascular necrosis is often called osteonecrosis, or death of the bone. People with avascular necrosis are very prone to small fractures and, without effective treatment, it results in the destruction of bone tissue.

    If you suffer from osteonecrosis and want a natural cure, we have the solution for you.

    Natural herbal medicinal treatment

    If you have osteonecrosis and want to heal naturally, without surgery, we've got you covered. Our natural remedy for osteonecrosis helps keep your bones strong by increasing your intake of minerals and especially calcium. Minerals are essential components of the bones which must be constantly assimilated by the body.  Our natural treatment can treat osteonecrosis very effectively in women. The reason is its high content of phytoestrogens . It looks like estrogen needed to maintain hormonal balance optimal and increase bone density. In addition to our grandmother's remedy, changing the lifestyle is also important, namely quitting smoking,  reducing alcohol consumption, maintaining optimal body weight or exercising.

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    Natural treatment for avascular necrosis

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    Osteonecrosis and dandelion: what do you need to know?

    Parsley - Direct Fines Herbes

    Parsley is endowed with pine. About one hundred grams of dried parsley should be provided with 3 mg boron, which is considered effective to increase the levels of œ estrogen. Parsley is also one of the best sources of fluoride, another bone fortifier. Parsley leaves are commonly used as ingredients or herbs both fresh and dry. The leaves and roots of parsley are often used in Mediterranean and European cuisine. Parsley is a very tropical plant, it needs enough humidity and sun to thrive. Like other herbs, parsley leaves also have health benefits for the body.

    Contains antioxidants to prevent disease

    The next benefit of parsley is its high content of antioxidants which helps fight pathogenic free radicals. Besides vitamin C, the main antioxidants contained in parsley are flavonoids and carotenoids. Vitamin C in parsley will help protect body cells from damage. While carotenoids have been proven in several studies to reduce the risk of certain diseases such as lung cancer. Other studies have shown that parsley extract has the potential to have antibacterial benefits. With tests conducted in test tubes, parsley extract has shown a significant antibacterial effect on yeasts, fungi and bacterial infections such as  S. aureus.

    Cleanse the kidneys

    Research published in 2002 found that parsley is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that help naturally cleanse the kidneys. For centuries, parsley has been used as a diuretic that helps treat kidney stones, gallbladder stones, bladder infections, and urinary tract infections. Kidney cleansing can be carried out, under medical supervision, by ingesting ingredients in the dish, parsley tea, squeezed parsley with other vegetables or orange juice from parsley. Parsley root is also very helpful in preventing kidney stones.

    Losing weight

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    A study conducted on the effect of parsley on the neurotoxicity of cadmium shows that this plant also helps to increase the body's metabolism. A healthy metabolism paves the way for faster, healthier weight loss. Parsley also removes excess water from the body and cleanses the kidneys and liver. Thus, the body is functioning at an optimal level and helps you lose weight.

    Anti-inflammatory in the body

    Parsley is traditionally used in the Mediterranean region for toothaches, bruises, insect bites, and rough skin. According to our experts, parsley has anti-inflammatory and anti-hepatotoxicity properties which help reduce inflammation in the body.

    Controlling diabetes

    Parsley contains a flavonoid called myricetin, which can lower blood sugar and reduce insulin resistance. A study conducted showed that diabetic rats given parsley showed a decrease in blood sugar for a month. Traditionally, parsley is used as a medicine for diabetes in Turkey.

    Parsley Has Cancer Prevention Benefits

    This benefit is known from a study that explained the potential of parsley to inhibit the carcinogenic effects of heterocyclic amines. The heterocyclic amine components generally appear in meat that is grilled at high temperatures. Antioxidants will also reduce the level of oxidative stress in the body. Keep in mind that oxidative stress is a condition where the body has more levels of free radicals than antioxidants. The existence of this condition can lead to certain types of cancer like colon cancer. While some of the benefits of parsley are good for the body, you need to get enough of it and not in excessive amounts. To be on the safe side, you should also store parsley properly. Parsley lasts one to two weeks at room temperature or in the refrigerator. While dried parsley can last a year if you put it in a cool dark place.

    Treat osteoporosis

    Definition |  Osteoporosis |  Futura Health

    Parsley, which contains vitamins B, C and K complex, and calcium can help improve bone health. Therefore, parsley can prevent osteoporosis and maintain optimal bone health even as it ages. Vitamin B also helps lower levels of homocysteine, an amino acid in the body, which can weaken bones. Well, these are the 7 health benefits for moms if they diligently eat parsley leaves.

    Maintain healthy bones

    You might not expect the benefits of parsley on this one. However, not least with milk and fish, parsley can also help maintain the strength and health of your bones. The high vitamin K content of parsley is helpful in helping to build stronger bones by supporting building cells called osteoblasts. Vitamin K also activates certain proteins that work to increase bone mineral density. As you are well aware, not consuming vitamin K increases the risk of various problems such as osteoporosis or fractures. By consuming vitamin K, the bones will work better in absorbing calcium. Any of these vitamins can be obtained from parsley.


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    Bone is living tissue that is constantly being absorbed and replaced. But with age, a person's bone mass and density usually decrease. In some cases, this can lead to the death of a fragment of bone tissue, due to an interruption in blood flow, resulting in a bone infarction; a condition known as osteonecrosis.


    Profiles at risk

    Osteonecrosis is a progressive disease. As people get older, the process of replacing the existing bone with new bone slows down and you start to lose bone density.

    Osteonecrosis affects both men and women. However, it is more common in women after menopause due to the reduction in estrogen in the body. People who are Caucasian or Asian are more likely to develop the disease.

    Other common risk factors, family history, poor diet, physical inactivity, smoking, certain medications, low body weight, overactive thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal glands are also linked to l osteonecrosis. However, the experts in African Phytotherapy (My Plants) have a natural treatment based on medicinal plants to definitively cure Osteonecrosis. Click on the image below to discover this natural treatment.

    Traitement naturel contre l'Ostéonécrose

    Not getting enough calcium can also cause osteonecrosis. Other nutrient deficiencies that appear to play a role in bone formation include vitamins D and K, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, and boron.



    Its main consequence is an increased risk of bone fractures. The bones become so fragile that even a slight fall can cause a fracture, which often occurs in the hips, wrists, or spine. During the later stages, there may be signs and symptoms such as back pain, height loss over time, hunched posture, and limited mobility.

    Natural treatments

    If you are diagnosed with osteonecrosis or at high risk of developing it, you should follow a strict diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle to help stave off or slow the progression of the disease. Additionally, you can try some simple natural remedies to relieve your pain.




    Eating prunes daily helps prevent fractures and osteonecrosis.
    Prunes are good for your bones because of their high concentration of polyphenols, an antioxidant that helps reduce bone loss. In addition, prunes are a good source of boron and copper, two important trace elements in bone formation.
    It is recommended that people of all ages eat two to three dried plums per day, and gradually increase to six to 10 per day to prevent osteonecrosis.


    Apple tree - planting, pruning, varieties, care and diseases

    An apple a day is a good rate for preventing the decrease in bone density of this disease. The unique combination of antioxidants like polyphenols and flavonoids makes apple effective and great for bones.
    In addition, the flavonoid called phloridzin, found in apples, helps protect postmenopausal women from osteonecrosis by improving markers of inflammation and increasing bone density.
    In addition, apples are rich in boron, a trace element that helps the body take up calcium, which is the lifeblood of bones as well as muscles.
    To reap the benefits of apples, eat them with the skin on.

    Coconut oil

    Coconut oil: Benefits, uses, and controversy

    A recent study suggests that supplementing your diet with virgin coconut oil may reverse the effects of estrogen deficiency, including loss of bone density. The antioxidant compounds in coconut oil have the potential to maintain bone structure and prevent bone loss due to hormonal changes.
    Plus, this oil helps the body absorb calcium and magnesium, two essential nutrients needed to build and maintain strong bones.
    - Consuming three tablespoons of virgin coconut oil daily can help prevent osteonecrosis, and five tablespoons a day can help reverse it.


    8 facts you should know about Canadian milk and antibiotics ...

    Almond milk contains a good amount of calcium, which makes it a good option. Additionally, the flavonoids in almond milk help reduce the number of free radicals in the body, which in turn helps protect against osteonecrosis. Almond milk contains magnesium, manganese, and potassium, which are essential for healthy and strong bones.
    - Soak a cup of almonds in water overnight.
    - The next day, remove the zest and put the almonds in a blender with two to two and a half cups of water.
    - Mix them to obtain a very smooth leg, add a little cinnamon powder and honey according to your tastes and mix again.
    - Filter the solution with a colander

    Sesame seeds
    sesame | Description, Uses, & Facts | Britannica

    Include sesame seeds in your diet. Sesame seeds are rich in calcium, one of the essential nutrients for bone health. In addition, they contain other nutrients for bone health such as magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, phosphorus, and vitamins K and D.
    - Chew a handful of toasted sesame seeds per day in the morning.
    - Alternatively, mix a teaspoon of toasted and ground sesame seeds in a cup of hot milk. Drink it twice a day.

    Fish oil supplements
    Fish Oil Supplements: A Fish Tale or a Good Catch?

    Fish oil supplements help increase bone mineral density due to omega-3 essential fatty acids and vitamin D.
    A simple treatment is to take 1000 mg of fish oil supplements once daily with a meal.
    You can also eat cold-water fish like salmon to help raise the amount of essential fatty acids in your diet.
    Note: People taking blood-thinning medications should not take fish oil supplements without consulting a doctor.



    Pineapple contains manganese which is beneficial in the prevention and treatment of osteonecrosis.
    Manganese deficiency has been linked to bone malformation and bone loss, which can cause low bone density and osteonecrosis.
    - Eat a cup of fresh pineapple chunks every day before a meal.
    One cup of pineapple provides about 75% of the required daily dose of manganese.
    Alternatively, you can drink a cup of pineapple juice a day to prevent osteonecrosis.


    12 Surprising Health Benefits of Coriander | Organic Facts

    Cilantro is rich in minerals which are valuable in maintaining healthy bones. Both coriander leaves and seeds are rich in calcium, potassium, manganese, magnesium, and iron. Calcium and manganese play a key role in the treatment and prevention of weak bones. These nutrients also help reduce spinal bone loss in older women.
    - Mix two teaspoons of coriander seeds in a cup of hot water.
    - Cover and let steep for five to 10 minutes.
    - Filter and add the honey.
    Drink this twice a day.


    Vitamin D
    Vitamin D and Diabetes - Types, Effects, Deficiency & Health Benefits

    To have healthy, strong bones, you need vitamin D. It plays an essential role in nutrition by facilitating the absorption of calcium, thus helping to prevent osteonecrosis. One of the best natural sources of vitamin D is sunlight.
    To increase vitamin D intake, expose yourself to sunlight in the early morning for 10 to 15 minutes a day. This helps to produce vitamin D in the body. However, you should avoid overexposure and remember to apply sunscreen before going out in the sun during the day.

    Physical exercise

    Study: Physical exercise can enhance neuroplasticity in adult ...

    Exercise is one of the most important things you can do to fight bone loss and demineralization. Regular exercise has been found to help reduce bone loss, increase bone density, and generally improve your bone health. Some types of exercise that are helpful for your bones are:
    Weight-bearing exercises such as walking, low impact aerobics, or playing tennis.
    Resistance exercises with free weights or rubber bands.
    Flexibility and balance exercises.
    Do these exercises for at least 30 minutes a day or at least three days a week.