natural herbs to cure cancer


    What is prostate cancer?

    Prostate cancer is human cancer that develops in the prostate gland and is generally characterized by disorders of urination. Most people with prostate cancer are over 65. This cancer is not aggressive and grows slowly. The prostate is a small gland located at the base of the bladder. This gland is part of the reproductive system and its position surrounds the duct that carries urine from the bladder to the penis. The prostate also works as a producer of sperm, which is a liquid released by semen during ejaculation. According to WHO data, prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in men. It is estimated that around 1.3 million men worldwide suffer from prostate cancer. In Africa alone, prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer in men.

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    Natural herbal treatment

    Here we offer you a mixture of seeds, roots and bark from Africa which can prevent and cure cancer  (breast cancer, cancer of the faith,  prostate cancer, cancer of the thyroid, cancer of the cervix. uterus, kidney cancer) and cardiovascular disease. These plants are very little known to scientists and they have extraordinary qualities against cancer. Their use of cancer is much more effective than chemotherapy. Rich in antioxidants and trace elements,  our cancer-healing plants delay the development of cancer cells thanks to a pigment they contain, phycocyanin. the root extract kills cells very selectively. Healthy cells are not killed, while cancer cells are. Our natural treatment kills cancer in an all-natural way without nausea, weight loss, or hair loss, while protecting the immune system.

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    ROOT TO CURE CANCER.  Here are herbs to cure cancer

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    How does green tea work on cancer?

    Green tea: benefits and side effects

    Green tea isn't just a popular drink for fun. In fact, not only does it taste great, but it's also a great all-in-one natural remedy for whoever takes it. Indeed, the number of benefits that green tea offers impress many scientists as well as health specialists. One thing is certain, they all agree to say that its virtues are considerable for the body and for the spirit. Warning: you will have a sudden urge to pour yourself a good green tea. At least you will have been warned. Green tea destroys certain bacteria and viruses, strengthens the immune system, and is a powerful antioxidant that fights various types of cancer, including prostate cancer. The polyphenols found in green tea dramatically decrease PSA levels. Men who consume 3 cups of green tea per day reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Research points out that green tea suppresses enzymes that trigger prostate cancer and trigger programmatic cell death called apoptosis.


    Cholesterol is one of the causes of heart disease. In fact, too much bad lipoproteins block the arteries of the heart. Did you know that green tea here helps regulate the level of good and bad cholesterol? In this sense, drinking green tea could be of great benefit to you. Think about it!


    As green tea helps to renew and maintain healthy brain cells, it greatly helps in preventing cognitive and mobile degeneration. Another little-known benefit of green tea that many would benefit from knowing.


    What's more, green tea also helps adjust blood pressure when consumed. Consequently, it helps to relax the heart muscles and blood vessels. You will be able to find that the result is very effective after just a few weeks of consumption. Do we make you want to try?


    Then, drinking green tea on a regular basis is very beneficial in terms of digestion. The stimulation of cells generated by consumption optimizes the waste elimination process and ensures good fluidity. In this sense, drinking green tea is a great option for people who have digestive issues. If this is your case, you don't lose anything by trying!


    Sadly, depression is one of the most common illnesses in North America. It is a relatively taboo subject, but many people will be affected by this reality in their lifetime. The theanine contained in tea has relaxing and tranquilizing effects that help reduce stress. In addition, it is a comforting drink to take with friends. No matter what your situation, drinking green tea can help boost your morale.


    Although tea helps reduce the effects of cognitive degeneration, it also helps maintain good skin elasticity and prevent certain skin problems. Moreover, it is an excellent ally, especially in summer, because it can slow the onset of sunburn. That being said, you still need to put on sunscreen.


    Memory, quick thinking and neurological connections are on the list of things tea can optimize. We bet these are benefits that you would love to enjoy. Like coffee, tea contains caffeine which stimulates the brain and helps keep it more active. Little extra: unlike coffee, it is not exposed to an overdose.


    Then, the benefits of green tea also include dental health. Drinking tea could therefore help give you an even brighter smile. Indeed, the catechin (an antioxidant) contained in tea helps fight viruses and bacteria that could damage enamel or cause cavities.


    Stimulation of the digestive process significantly contributes to weight loss. Although green tea alone will not do this, regular consumption is beneficial for those with good health at heart. In an ideal world, you should combine a healthy diet with the intake of green tea. Antioxidants are also very effective in supporting the metabolism in its transformation. Shall we serve you a drink?


    The cocktail of benefits of green tea not only optimizes several functions of the human being but also its protection against the various diseases, viruses, infections that could occur. Your immune system will thank you, especially in the winter when the weather is cooler. Ultimately, green tea has so many health benefits and benefits that not consuming it would be a shame. To be healthy is the dream of thousands of people. The benefits of green tea are no longer to be proven and safe. Take one to two cups a day and you will see a big difference. After all, it's never too late to start building a healthy lifestyle.

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