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Desire to have children and fibroids: natural remedy

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  • On 11/09/2020

In our society, the age of the first pregnancy continues to progress and, at the same time, the number of fibroids diagnosed increases with age. Myomas affect many women who want to become pregnant. 40% of women aged 35 who have difficulty getting pregnant have fibroids. The presence of uterine fibroids can be very serious for women who want to have children. Fibroids themselves and their treatment can influence pregnancy. However, don't worry! in the majority of cases, fibroids do not prevent women from getting pregnant and having a normal pregnancy.

I have fibroids and want to get pregnant, what should I do?

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Fibroids and infertility

As said before, it is possible to get pregnant with fibroids. However, in some cases, there can be complications. Indeed, a large fibroid in the uterine cavity takes the place of the fertilized egg and prevents it from implanting. Also, a large fibroid can lead to impaired fertility, by deformation of the uterus, pressure on the cervix, and circulation problems of the uterine lining. This can make it difficult for the egg and the sperm to meet. In addition, severe hemorrhages and inflammatory processes create additional obstacles for the implantation of the fertilized egg into the uterine lining.

The location of the fibroid is crucial for its influence on fertility. Fibroids in the uterus (submucosal fibroids) and in the uterine wall (intramural fibroids) can interfere with the ability to get pregnant in rare cases and hinder delivery. Conversely, fibroids outside the uterine cavity (subserous fibroids) do not generally pose any problem. The size and number of fibroids are also crucial if a fibroid is affecting fertility. A large fibroid or multiple fibroids are more likely to affect a possible pregnancy than a small fibroid alone.

Pregnancy & Childbirth with fibroid

In about a third of women, hormonal changes during pregnancy can lead to the growth of existing fibroids. After birth, however, almost all fibroids recede. In addition, scientific studies show a reduced incidence of new fibroids after birth.

If fibroids are diagnosed during pregnancy, there is a possibility that the child's development will be affected, depending on the location and size of the fibroid. In these cases, additional intensive checks should be carried out by the doctor. There may be miscarriages. In principle, however, normal pregnancies are possible despite the myoma.

During childbirth, fibroids usually have no influence. If the birth canal is displaced, a cesarean section is necessary. Removing a fibroid during pregnancy is difficult and rarely recommended because the uterus is difficult to suture due to the high blood flow.

Fibroids therapy to get pregnant quickly

If you want to have children, the goal is to do as little damage as possible to the uterus when treating myoma. Therefore, drug treatments should be used first.

An operation may be necessary. Here, drug treatment can be useful as a pretreatment. Drug treatment usually results in a reduction in fibroids and allows for low-risk myoma removal, in which the uterus is less damaged. The smaller the fibroid, the less damaged the uterus is during surgery, and the smaller the fibroid, the better the uterus can be maintained during surgery. Accurate localization of fibroids and careful treatment planning is essential to maintain


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