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Internal adenomyosis or endometriosis is a pathological process that affects the body of the uterus, with the internal lining spreading to the lining thickening the walls of the organ. Against this background, a specific picture of the disease with severe concomitant complications is formed. For example, adenomyosis and pregnancy often become exclusively because the disease usually leads to infertility. Adenomyosis - a penalty for pregnancy? It is a disease that could turn out to be serious, which is why Dawabio experts provide you with a treatment to permanently cure this disease.

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Adenomyosis is one of the most common gynecological conditions in women. Unfortunately, the exact causes of the disease have not yet been identified.

 The risk factors are:

A variety of urinary tract infections;

Surgery of the uterus;

Trauma at birth;

Hormonal disorders;

Genetic predisposition.

This gynecological pathology ranks third in the ranking of all diseases of the female genital tract. Because in most cases it is found in women of childbearing age, it deserves special attention.

How does adenomyosis manifest itself?

This disease can be hidden for a long time without being revealed. In some cases, it is accidentally detected during a routine examination by a gynecologist.

The presence of adenomyosis is suspected on the following clinical signs:

Pain during menstruation;

Heavy and prolonged menstruation;

Painful intercourse;

Unfortunately, many women find a painful and heavy period to be the norm, taking it as a feature of the body or attributing it to their own guesses. They do not rush to see a doctor and the disease progresses slowly at this time.

Usually, internal endometriosis causes infertility. Uterine adenomyosis and pregnancy, as mutually exclusive concepts, are associated with the following reasons:

The egg cannot enter the body of the uterus against the violation of the contractile activity of the uterine tubes;

Ovulation does not occur due to a hormonal imbalance;

Autoimmune reactions in the female body inhibit the activity of male germ cells and interfere with the implantation of a fertilized egg and the development of pregnancy;

Pain during sex interferes with ordinary life;

Early termination of pregnancy due to increased contractility of the uterine layer and inflammation.

Features of the course of pregnancy with adenomyosis

The presence of this disease at birth is always a risk factor. It is easier to achieve pregnancy with 1 degree adenomy.

Symptoms of endometriosis with the onset of conception decrease, but after birth, with the first menstruation, they will return. If the pregnancy, despite the diagnosis, has come, it should be kept. Otherwise, abortion can lead to the reappearance of the disease, and in the future it will take a more severe course. Often a woman is threatened with miscarriage.

However, pregnancy can adversely affect the course of the disease, because, in fact, it causes physiological menopause in the body - the absence of menstruation. In turn, it inhibits the pathological process of the spread of epidemics of internal endometriosis. In other words, the disease does not progress temporarily.

Adenomyosis is a serious disease that can be treated if started in time. But it must be treated before the planned conception, so as not to complicate the course of pregnancy and not to cause postpartum complications. At an early stage, healing from adenomyosis is not difficult, and most importantly, it cannot affect the reproductive function of a woman.

Pregnancy with adenomyosis is possible if comprehensive treatment is carried out to restore reproductive function. The effectiveness of therapeutic effects depends on the duration of the disease. If adenomyosis has bothered a woman for up to 3 years, the treatment outcome is likely to be positive.

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