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Adenocarcinoma of the penis: Natural treatment

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  • On 26/04/2020



The  cancer of the penis or the penis  is a  rare cancer in France . Its average age of onset is  60 years . Its main risk factor is  the  phimosis  or lack of circumcision,  associated with a lack of sufficient local health and sexually transmitted infection by the  human papillomavirus  (types 16 and 18). In most cases, penile cancer presents as a tumor of the skin, usually a squamous cell carcinoma . Clinically, there is induration with ulceration at the end of the  penis. Sometimes there are inguinal lymph nodes. These lesions can bleed. They sit on the glans (48%), the foreskin (21%), the crown (6%), the corpora cavernosa (2%).
Here we offer you a mixture of seeds, roots and bark from Africa that can prevent and cure cancer ( penile cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, tyroid cancer, cervical cancer, kidney cancer) and cardiovascular disease. These plants are very little known to scientists and they have extraordinary qualities against cancer. Their use against cancer is much more effective than chemotherapy.
Rich in antioxidants and trace elements, our plants to cure cancer delay the development of cancer cells thanks to a pigment they contain, phycocyanin the root extract kills cells very selectively. Healthy cells are not killed, while cancer cells are. Our natural treatment kills cancer in an all-natural way without nausea, weight loss, or hair loss while protecting the immune system.
No one can tell you that these herbs definitely cure any type of cancer, that would be lying. But thanks to these herbs, you can improve the quality of life of cancer patients, a proven fact. Best of all, they can even relieve some symptoms of cancer! How it works ?
These African plants are powerful antimicrobials and antifungals. They make it possible to stop metastatic processes by reducing the size of the tumors. This will significantly slow the advance of cancer.
However, even if these roots are very effective, we recommend that you accompany them with conventional treatments. We are definitely not asking you to give up your cancer treatment. Indeed, one should never completely leave aside a medical treatment to start a therapy resulting from the natural African herbal medicine. You will put your health and your life in danger. Our natural anti-cancer treatment should be combined with conventional therapy. Click here to discover our natural treatment:

Penis: anatomy, role, diagram, diseases

The penis is the male's sexual, reproductive and urinary organ. Anatomy, size, diseases, examinations, erection, ejaculation, circumcision ... Discovery of the male sex with Dr Ludovic Ferretti, urologist surgeon. 

Penile disease: symptoms that should alert

Diseases of the penis, also called "penis" are very diverse. Any change in the male sex, at rest or in erection, should lead to a consultation to find the cause and implement treatment. Update on the signs that should alert

Lack of hygiene, a risk factor for  penile cancer

The lack of hygiene, aggravated by the existence of a phimosis (affection of the penis) preventing any cracking, increases the risk of cancer of the penis.
This is because microbial development can lead to inflammation involved in the development of cancer. Thus, we recommend a classic cleaning with soap and water after descaling (without forcing), then drying. And after urinating, wipe the glans well so as not to let acidic urine seep under the foreskin, which would promote inflammation.

Other risk factors:

A dermatological disease of the glans or the foreskin which may later cause cancer.
Infection with papillomaviruses, sexually transmitted viruses, also responsible for warts.
· Age: penile cancer more often affects men over 60 years old.
· Unprotected sex, multiple partners, early sex life.
· Circumcision: There is not enough evidence but circumcision could protect against penile cancer by promoting better hygiene and preventing phimosis.
· Smoking.

How to take care of your penis?

Personal hygiene remains a taboo subject, even more so when it comes to that of men. So, for you gentlemen, here are eight key points to sport a pretty healthy penis!
For your well-being and that of your partner, your private parts must be nice and clean ...

1. Clean the penis with a mild soap:  

A healthy penis is first and foremost good personal hygiene. No need to invest in some so-called specific product, a super-rich shower gel will do just fine. If you are not circumcised, remember to shrink well as you learned your mother, and, in any case, do not soap more than once a day, otherwise the delicate and soft skin of your glans 'would find it dried up.

You can also try  Toniglandyl,  (but the editorial staff take no responsibility for this product), or, as Booba recommends in his song  Illegal , wash your penis with holy water (same)

2. Dress her up in her best clothes:

Opt for cotton underwear! These are as comfortable as they are respectful of your family jewels and the rest. Otherwise, for fun, you can also dress it up: here you will find   a whole range of phallus costumes, ranging from the most classic (if a sex outfit is a common thing), to the most eccentric ... Over to you to play.  

3. Let her breathe:

Avoid tight and sticky pants, which cause friction and cause itching or irritation. Ditto for high-dose cycling.

4. Soothe it:

If you have a problem, apply a simple, fragrance-free cream or a little sweet almond oil before showering. Some followers of natural methods recommend using vinegar diluted in water, garlic or yogurt, in order to treat a yeast infection (rarer in men but not non-existent). However I was not able to test for you, so it remains to be verified.

5. Build your penis:

There is one name that we should all know, men and women, it's the  perineum . Indeed, this muscle located at the crotch, at the base of the penis, helps  strengthen the erection  and have greater control over ejaculation. To develop and maintain it, you just need to be aware of it and exercise it several times a day. To do this,  contract your perineum for a  few seconds, then release it. Repeat the operation ten times. An exercise to be consumed without moderation.

6. Style your penis:

Prune, trim, cut, but please don't shave! For you, as for us, it's very unpleasant: it stings and itches when regrowth (that is to say for a while anyway). In addition, it is neither good for the skin (so thin in this place), nor for the hygienic aspect: if the hairs are there, it is that there is a reason. On the other hand, a little stroke of the beard trimmer will allow you to see more clearly and highlight your wonderful sex.

7. Prohibit excesses:

Alcohol, tobacco, heavy consumption of porn films and  abusive masturbation  : this is the ideal cocktail to make your venerable rod a vulgar marshmallow… Yes, drink or copulate: you have to choose!
8. In order to  protect your penis from fungi and other unwelcome STIs , if you or your partner has not had a test, it is essential to use condoms.
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