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The treatment that we offer to cure sickle cell anemia essentially consists of several natural herbal teas. Its success far exceeds that of the main drug used against sickle cell disease. You will no longer need regular blood transfusions to stay alive.

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African herbal remedy for sickle cell disease

Sickle cell disease is an inherited disease of the blood. It can cause a series of serious complications such as anemia, respiratory failure, but also very painful attacks that occur in different parts of the body. Therefore, it is important to treat it as soon as possible. Are you looking for a natural way to cure sickle cell disease? Then this natural treatment is for you. Our natural treatment far surpasses conventional treatments that relieve the symptoms of sickle cell disease but do not cure it. Trust us! This is the secret to curing sickle cell disease of plants.

The treatment we offer to cure sickle cell anemia consists mainly of natural herbal teas. It is therefore an effective, fast and long-lasting natural remedy that will allow you to regain normal blood circulation. Herbal tea is a natural remedy made from plants. the active ingredients it contains prevent the onset of painful crises in children as well as in adults. Thus, it works by reducing the number of red blood cells deformed by sickle cell disease and by promoting the production of new normal red blood cells.
In addition, it straightens red blood cells deformed by disease and prevents them from blocking small blood vessels and causing severe pain. This will allow you to regain normal blood circulation. This herbal tea is a very effective remedy and has already enabled many patients to prevent their sickle cell attacks. Its success far exceeds that of the main drug against sickle cell disease. You will no longer need regular blood transfusions to stay alive. It is therefore the natural solution to definitively cure sickle cell crises.

Using natural herbs to cure sickle cell disease usually gives great results because it helps prevent painful attacks from occurring. This is the secret to curing sickle cell anemia. Unlike medicines, our herbal teas to cure sickle cell disease do not cause any side effects, on the body or on health. It is therefore not dangerous, unlike drugs and transfusions which lead to an overload of iron in the organs. You will therefore be able to fight your sickle cell disease without fear of the appearance of side effects.

The duration of natural treatment to cure sickle cell disease varies from 1 to 2 months. Rest assured! This is the solution to put an end to sickle cell crises for good. Our support is individualized. It varies depending on your symptoms and your expectations.
Advice to follow when suffering from sickle cell anemia

You must avoid the factors that promote seizures. If you want to cure sickle cell anemia, here is a series of measures that will help you:

-Drink plenty of water:  Drinking plenty of fluids and water to maintain good circulation is vital. Water plays a crucial role for red blood cells which are very sensitive to the amount of water in the body. Dehydration promotes the deformation of red blood cells, which leads to seizures. Avoid drinking the full amount of water for a short time because 75% of this water will be eliminated in the urine. You must drink throughout the day. At any time, especially in the event of heat or sport, encourage your child to drink abundantly and regularly (at least 3 liters of water per day).

-Do sport in moderation:  The practice of sport is strongly recommended because it allows young sickle cell patients to get to know themselves better. Thus, they gradually adapt to the effort, to manage their fatigue and shortness of breath. to his anemia. However, it is important to take several precautions. You must hydrate yourself well before and after the effort. Also, it is important to practice sport while respecting shortness of breath and fatigue. Unwanted efforts are to be avoided so as not to favor the occurrence of crises. Avoid carrying heavy objects. To conclude, if you feel tired, stop and rest.

-Good dental hygiene:  brushing your teeth after each meal to avoid infections

- Lift your legs:  Sickle cell disease sufferers often encounter skin ulceration and impatience in the legs. This is caused by the flow of stagnant blood resulting from the sickle cells. To treat leg ulcers, it is important to keep this part of your body raised. After a hard day's work, lie down with your legs on the wall.

-  Psychological support for the patient is necessary:  having sickle cell disease is a source of panic, anxiety and worry. The patient must have the moral support of those around him.

The opinion of our doctor

Sickle cell disease is an inherited genetic disorder due to a qualitative abnormality of hemoglobin. It is the source of several consequences on the physical and moral level. It is important to put an end to these crippling crises. And to put an end to it definitively, nature offers us plants capable of reducing these symptoms or even disappearing permanently. That is why it is important for us to have a confirmation by your electrophoresis analysis result. Making sickle cell disease disappear from your lives is our one and only motivation.

What is sickle cell anemia?

Sickle cell anemia (sickle cell anemia) is an inherited genetic disease resulting from a mutation in hemoglobin. The disease can be transmitted by both parents. But it is not contagious. The name sickle cell disease comes from the Greek drepanon which means sickle because the diseased red blood cells take a sickle shape. A healthy red blood cell is circular, whereas a red blood cell from a sickle cell patient is deformed.
Sickle cell disease is a genetic disorder of hemoglobin, a substance found in red blood cells, which is used to carry oxygen throughout the body. Generally, it manifests itself by anemia by fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath…), sensitivity to infections, and painful crises. However, the manifestations are very variable depending on the person and overtime for the same person.

 Causes of sickle cell anemia

Sickle cell disease is caused by a mutation in codon 6 of the b-globin gene resulting in the substitution of valine by glutamic acid. The mutation of this allele corresponds to the substitution of the nucleotide in the 17th position. But on the Beta A allele of a healthy individual, it is an adenine, while on the Beta S allele of a sickle cell individual, this seventeenth nucleotide is thymine. This mutation causes the red blood cell to deform into a sickle shape.

Symptoms of sickle cell

Sickle cell disease manifests itself differently from one patient to another, but also in the same patient depending on the different periods of life. The three main symptoms globally are anemia, painful attacks, and increased susceptibility to infections.
-Pain in the feet, hands, abdomen, back, chest, and sometimes bones. All parts of the body can be affected. It can also be abdominal pain, frequent in children and more rarely in adults.
- General weakness and fatigue, dizziness (caused by anemia)
- Aplastic attacks (fever, headache, abdominal pain, loss of appetite or vomiting)
- Yellowing of the eyes and skin. But in people with black skin, this symptom manifests itself only in the eyes.
-  Strokes (Cerebrovascular Accidents): This most often concerns children (between four and six years old). But sometimes adults are affected. Often, symptoms come and go suddenly, but there is a high risk that they will recur. Your child may get away with it unscathed, but in many cases, the stroke causes damage to the brain with irreversible
effects - in children, painful swelling of the feet and hands
- Leg ulcers: Ulcers are more common in men than in women, between 10 and 50 years old. They can take a long time to resolve. This is why it is important to have any wound in the leg treated quickly to avoid progressing to an ulcer.
Who can have sickle cell anemia? Is it present all over the world?
First, it is in Africa that we find the most sickle cell disease. Sickle cell disease is also present in India, Latin America (especially Brazil). When the genetic abnormality involved in sickle cell disease is only present in a single specimen, it confers a natural resistance to malaria, which explains why it is more frequent in these regions highly prone to malaria.
Diagnosis of sickle cell disease
The diagnosis of sickle cell disease is made using 3 reference examinations:
-A blood smear: it allows the shape of the red blood cells to be examined using a microscope. Its purpose is to reveal the presence of red blood cells in the shape of a “sickle”.
-  Hemoglobin electrophoresis: It is an examination allowing to demonstrate a high level of hemoglobin S, involved in the disease.
-The  CBC (blood count)  It specifies the extent of anemia which is variable, the hemoglobin level varying on average from 6 to 10 g / dI.
You have sickle cell disease and are pregnant, don't worry. The majority of pregnancies in women with sickle cell disease go uncomplicated. However, a pregnant woman with sickle cell disease should expect greater monitoring of her pregnancy as complications can occur at all stages of pregnancy. Because pregnant women with sickle cell disease have to go for medical visits much more frequently than other pregnant women. This is because pregnancy puts additional pressure on a woman's body and increases the likelihood of a sickle cell crisis.
Thus, a pregnant woman with drepanocytic is more likely to miscarry (early or late) than a healthy woman. However, thanks to our treatment, pregnant women with sickle cell disease have a good chance of having a normal and safe pregnancy. So if you have sickle cell disease and are pregnant, and you are afraid for yourself and your baby, please let us know. We will take this into account for your treatment.
What are the risks sickle cell anemia poses to a pregnant baby?
First, pregnant women with sickle cell disease are at risk of giving birth to a baby with sickle cell disease. But if you have sickle cell anemia and want to have a baby, your partner should do some tests. Thus, this will make it possible to determine whether there is a risk of sickle cell disease in the future baby, to suggest a prenatal diagnosis. A woman with sickle cell disease will have a healthy child if the child's father is AA. But there is a high risk that the baby will have the disease if both parents are carriers of the gene. In the event that your pregnancy was unforeseen and you both have sickle cell disease, consider seeing a genetic counselor to inform you of your options. You must make all arrangements for your baby to be screened at birth.

Sickle cell disease and marriage
You are young and beautiful, you think you have found a soul mate, that person who will make you happy for the rest of your life, and you are considering marriage. When we love each other, before considering marriage, it is important to carry out certain examinations, including electrophoresis. This examination then makes it possible to determine the possibilities or risks of possible sickle cell anemia (SS or AS anemia). Two AS people can father an SS child (probability 1 in 4), an AA child (probability 1 in 4) or an AS child (probability 1 in 2). If you and your partner carry the gene, your children are at high risk for sickle cell disease.
Several questions of a purely ethical nature then arise. He has sickle cell disease like me, should we give up marriage? Should we give up marriage with the love of our life because we don't want our children to suffer from sickle cell disease? So you feel guilty, you hesitate. Conversely, should you still take the risk and live your love because you love it? As they say in Africa, love has all rights and we all have duties.
This is a tough question and everyone can answer it according to their own convictions. One thing is certain, in either case, then your choice will be the best and no one can judge it. Only you know what you are going through. No doctor in the world will give you the answer to this question. This answer is there, deep in your heart. So make the choice that you think is right.

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