Varicocele and infertility

Varicocele and sterility in humans: natural solution

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How to cure varicocele with plants?

First, varicocele is not inevitable, the only way out is an operation . The use of natural plants makes it possible to cure varicocele permanently by avoiding the surgical operation. The natural remedy for curing varicocele that we offer is completely herbal. It's a natural remedywhich treats varicocele successfully by strengthening the valves or valves located in the veins of the spermatic cords. So the veins become tonic and tenacious to facilitate the dynamic rise of blood along the veins. This to join the most important veins like the left renal vein and the inferior vena cava. So, it has proven its effectiveness with dozens of resolved cases. Associated with a suitable diet , it can treat varicocele quite easily. So, this is the best natural remedy to cure varicocele and avoid the operation.
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What is the link between varicocele and male infertility

First, the relationship between varicocele and fertility is not yet clear. However, according to some figures, there is a link between varicocele and infertility. Indeed, 40% of infertile men have a varicocele, against 15% of men in the population. Generally, during the assessment of male infertility , the doctor does a clinical examination in particular to detect a possible varicocele.
However, the link between varicocele and infertility has not been confirmed and the possible mechanisms at play have not been elucidated. However, recent studies show that many boys who suffer from infertility have varicoceles. In addition, once the varicoceles were treated, the sterility disappeared.
The figures therefore show a very close link between varicocele and fertility. In fact, one in three men who suffers from primary infertility has a varicocele, 80% in the case of secondary infertility, against only 15% in the general population. Nevertheless, varicocele sometimes leads to sterility, sometimes permanent
However, the links between varicocele and subfertility
are not obvious. Testicular varicose veins are a very common problem for which we do not yet know very well the consequences on fertility, nor the mechanisms involved. There is no link of certainty, only a reasonable doubt.
However, varicocele affects spermatogenesis (the production of sperm). Varicose veins (dilated veins) can appear in the scrotum. These varicose veins will increase the temperature in the testicles. The heat weakens the sperm and can interfere with sperm production.
The relationship between azoospermia and varicocele is relatively common: 5% of varicocele cases develop into azoospermia. Many men with testicular varicose veins also have azoospermia. To conclude, I would say that while the link between varicocele and male fertility is not yet clearly established, it is evident that there is a very strong relationship between them.

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