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A blockage of the  uterine tubes  can be caused by various disorders, and in some rare cases even be present from birth without causing symptoms until the desire to conceive a child. Obstruction of the fallopian tubes is very often involved in cases of female infertility. There are many causes of infertility  within a couple. One of the most common is obstruction of the uterine tubes (or fallopian). This is because when the tubes are blocked, the movement of the egg and sperm is hampered, which complicates fertilization. The diagnosis is usually based on a hysterosalpingogram, in other words x-ray exploration of the uterus and tubes. In some cases it is possible to repair the tubes, however in vitro fertilization is usually offered.

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Although there are many causes of infertility, a blockage of the  fallopian tubes  (blocked tubes) is often the reason why many women are unable to have a child. Even if there is ovulation, if  your tubes are blocked , fertilization is impossible (encounter between a sperm and an oocyte). Here is the best solution to unblock your tubes.

The natural treatment that we offer is a very effective solution to unblock your fallopian tubes and get pregnant. It is composed of 2 elements: an oil to apply as a poultice and herbal teas. This is  the secret to unblocking your proboscis naturally  through plants. By its vasodilator, purifying and diuretic power, the herbal tea will have the action of unclogging your tubes.

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What are the symptoms ?

A tubal obstruction is completely asymptomatic, yet it can cause infertility . It is often during a pregnancy project that the obstruction is discovered.

 False mouth and pregnancy

Do you have problems with the fallopian tubes that make it difficult to get pregnant? This is the cause of blocked fallopian tubes.

Many married couples dream of having children after years of marriage. But haven't gotten it yet because it turns out that the fallopian tubes are in trouble.

Problems with blocked fallopian tubes contribute to a large percentage of infertility cases. The cause of blocked fallopian tubes can be due to two things, disease or infection. So when an egg is released from one of a woman's ovaries, it travels through the fallopian tube (a narrow duct or cervix that connects the ovary and the uterus). Only then will the egg join the sperm in the fallopian tube during fertilization. The fertilized egg "continues" on its way to the uterus. If the fallopian tubes are blocked, the eggcannot be fertilized by sperm, so it cannot become a fetus. Now when your doctor tells you that the fallopian tubes are blocked, making it difficult to get pregnant, you need to do "treatment" in order to get offspring.

 Causes of blocked fallopian tubes

Before undergoing treatment, first know the factors that cause blockage of the fallopian tubes.

1. Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a common disease that affects approximately 5.5 million women in North America. This disease is also the main cause of infertility in women. During a normal menstrual cycle, the lining of the uterus (called the endometrium) begins to thicken in anticipation of pregnancy. If she is not pregnant, the body will release the endometrium during menstruationIn the case of endometriosis - for reasons not even understood by researchers - tissue very similar to the endometrium grows in various places, not in the uterus. The tissue can develop in the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, up to the lining of the pelvic cavity. The problem is that the tissue has properties like the normal endometrium that can build up and damage the menstrual cycle. But the difference is not "emitted" like menstruation.This ultimately causes irritation and inflammation in order to prevent the eggs from leaving the ovary and being fertilized by the sperm . The tissue that is very likely to be the cause of blocked fallopian tubes.

2. Pelvic inflammatory disease

Disease pelvic inflammatory   (PID) is one of the causes of the fallopian tubes. Pelvic inflammation is an infection that causes problems with the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. Women who are still sexually active (aged 15 to 24) are most at risk of experiencing it. If not treated immediately, it can cause an ectopic pregnancy because the fallopian tubes are blocked.

3. Infection

An infection that is difficult to explain where it came from, as it can be caused by various factors including lifestyle and environment causing the fallopian tubes to block. When contracting an infection , it is difficult to fertilize because the fallopian tubes have problems. When she is successfully fertilized and fertilization occurs when the fallopian tubes are blocked, there may be a risk of ectopic pregnancy. Laparatomy or laparoscopic surgery is an alternative during an ectopic pregnancy.

4. Hydrosalpinx

What is hydrosalpinx? Hydrosalpinx is a blockage of fluid in the fallopian tubes. The cause may be due to endometriosis, pelvic inflammation, or other infections. When you experience hydrosalpinx so that the fallopian tubes are blocked, you will have a hard time having children.

Medical treatment

  • Treatment will depend on the cause of the obstruction . Only the doctor is able to prescribe the appropriate drugs or treatment methods. The need for treatment depends mainly on the state of patency of the tubes, the state of the genitals and the state of general health. You are free to discuss all the treatment options that may be available to you to find the most suitable for you.  
  • The doctor may indicate laparoscopic surgery (laparoscopy), if your state of health allows it and according to certain parameters evaluated by the doctor. It is a surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia.
  • Depending on the state of the patency of the tubes, the doctor may suggest a salpingectomy, a surgical procedure that involves removing the blocked and diseased tube, especially in the case of a hydrosalpinx (the tube is full of liquid). You can then be a candidate for in vitro fertilization. 
  • Tubal cannulation, on the other hand, is a less burdensome surgical procedure than laparoscopic surgery, performed when the obstruction is located closer to the uterus. The operation consists of introducing a cannula through the uterus to unblock the tube. 
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