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A hydrocele is a specific disease that affects the genitals in men. It is characterized by the accumulation of fluid between the parenteral and visceral plaques of the testes. However, DAWABIO experts have discovered the best natural treatment to cure this disease.



Herbal tea remedy to cure testicular hydrocele

Here is the best natural remedy for testicular hydrocele that is effective, fast, durable and above all, it will prevent you from going through an operation. It is without a doubt the miracle solution to cure testicular hydrocele.
Our products are natural and made from plants and herbs. So, our herbal teas have no side effects, either on the body or on health. Our treatment is therefore not dangerous. So, you will be able to treat testicular hydrocele without operation and without fear of the appearance of side effects.

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  • congenital dropsy of the testis
  • physiological dropsy
  • idiopathic
  • chronic
  • reagent.

In the first and second cases, there is a certain abnormality in the development of the fetus, after which the child develops a dropsy of the testis. This problem is usually diagnosed after the baby is born by their pediatrician. If the disease manifests itself at an older age, most likely, its development was provoked by various negative processes occurring in his body.

Hydrocele - causes

Why is there dropsy of the testis? First of all, it depends on the type of disease. If detected in early childhood, this problem is caused by abnormalities in the development of the fetus.

In adulthood in men, the causes of dropsy of the testis can be:

  • testicular injury;
  • benign and malignant tumors, appendages, testes or membranes;
  • gonorrhea;
  • tuberculosis
  • inflammatory processes in the body.

The cause of the disease can be quite extensive heart failure, filariasisIn addition, the dropsy of the testes may appear from a hernia, which was removed surgically.

Testicular dropsy in men after surgery

A fairly common form of this disease is the postoperative dropsy of the testis. It appears as a negative consequence of the surgery, which manifested itself in the presence of certain health problems.

After varicocele surgery, the dropsy of the testis is not uncommon. This problem arises from severed lymphatic vessels during the surgical procedure. In addition, stagnation of blood in the veins after the dressing may develop, which will lead to the accumulation of fluid in the lining of the testes.

A feature of this case is the fact that visual inspection of the problem is invisible. It can be diagnosed after an ultrasound, where there is a slight swelling. In most cases, the excess fluid will dissolve on its own.

The same problem is possible during surgery, which is aimed at removing an inguinal hernia.




The disease itself is rarely accompanied by tangible discomfort. Pain in dropsy of the testis appears only after a large accumulation of fluid, in medical practice cases of a maximum delay of 1-3 liters have been recorded. 

 The main signs of dropsy of the testicle:

  • volume increase;
  • change in density;
  • feeling of heaviness;
  • change of shape;
  • a slight but constant increase in body temperature;
  • in rare cases - erectile dysfunction, discomfort during intercourse;
  • the formation has an elongated shape, slightly pointed in one place.

Pay special attention to dropsy of the testes and the symptoms described above if:

  • you have recently been injured by the perineum and primary genitalia;
  • have chronic inflammation of the testicle or urethra;
  • you have heart failure;
  • Recently, you had surgery on your genitals or urethra.

Testicular dropsy and infertility are not synonymous. In some cases, hydrocele is the result of serious diseases, inflammatory processes that can lead to a violation of the genital system. If you are observing the main symptoms of hydrocele, try to remember when you first noticed the first signs (increase in volume, change in shape and density to the touch, heaviness, discomfort during sexual intercourse, physical exertion, or urination) and see a doctor immediately.


Which doctor should I contact to diagnose dropsy of the testis?

If a boy or man shows signs of dropsy of the testis, he should immediately seek help from a urologist. Before performing scrotal-related surgery, the patient is sent for a consultation with a therapist. Dropsy, or as doctors call this disease - hydrocele, is a consequence of severe edemaThe examination is also carried out by cardiologists, hepatologists, nephrologists and endocrinologists, who form the final diagnosis and prescribe postoperative treatment. In some cases, additional consultation with an infectious disease specialist will be necessary. 

Diagnosis of dropsy of the testis

The first thing the doctor will pay attention to is the considerably enlarged scrotum or the entire organ. The amount of organ enlargement depends on factors such as the duration of the disease and its possible causes. During palpation, the doctor determines the pear-shaped shape of the testicles, which are dense, elastic and vary inconsistency. If the formation in the testes looks like an hourglass, this indicates that the fluid from the testes is flowing through the inguinal canal. The skin in this case usually remains the same as usual, it can be easily folded into several folds. The palpation procedure will not cause discomfort to the patient if it is a chronic form of the disease. But the acute form of the

If there is little fluid in the membranes, the testicle can be felt deep in the scrotum. If the scrotum is enlarged too much, the testis cannot be probed or it is inaccessible.

Procedures for diagnosing dropsy of the testis

In order to confirm this diagnosis, two procedures are used: ultrasound testicular dropsy and diaphanoscopy.

The diaphanoscopie is the fastest way to determine and use the natural properties of light. If there is fluid between the layers, the light passing through the scrotum will be uniform, but if there is a hernia inside the scrotum, the light cannot pass.

Ultrasound of the scrotum allows you to identify the disease with greater reliability. With it, you can determine the volume of fluid inside and the possible cause of the hydrocele (whether it is a tumor or infectious inflammation). This method can distinguish dropsy from varicocele, hernia, orchitis, epididymitis, and tumor of the spermatic cord.

Complications of hydrocele

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