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 kidney disease  According to WHO, 80% of the world's population, particularly in developing countries, use traditional medicine for their primary health care. The practice of traditional medicine, which dates back to the dawn of time in different peoples, is based on ancestral experience, generally transmitted through companionship. Relegated to the background in Western societies, this medicine no longer has borders nowadays, even becoming more and more a therapeutic alternative in developed countries.
 In black Africa, traditional healers have their own diagnostic base, most often symptomatic but claim to treat various diseases. It is with this in mind, in order to relieve you and eradicate kidney failure that the health experts at dawabio offer you a solution based on herbal remedies to treat this disease. click on the image below to discover this natural treatment.
Update on chronic kidney disease
Chronic kidney disease is an irreversible malfunction of the kidneys, the latter no longer properly filtering waste. It is distinguished from acute kidney failure which can occur following infection or dehydration and can be cured. Chronic renal failure is mainly favored by hypertension and diabetes, more rarely by heart disease,  pyelonephritiss, stones and some chemical or natural drugs. The hygienic and dietary measures in the event of renal insufficiency Following the diagnosis of the disease by a blood test, urinalysis and dosage of creatinine, it is advisable to carry out the regular medical follow-up recommended by a general practitioner or a nephrologist. The first advice generally given is to eliminate products toxic to the kidneys as well as tobacco from its environment and to opt for regular physical activity associated with a healthy and balanced diet, low in salt.
Herbal medicine to fight  severe kidney failure
Some parts of plants help fight chronic kidney disease such as locust bean gum and cherry stems in the form of a decoction (50 g per liter of water). The latter indeed have depurative and diuretic principles, useful in the treatment of renal failure.
Plants that promote elimination
Some plants have a direct action on the kidneys, by stimulating the elimination function. This is the case of
cherry tail
of the meadowsweet
dandelion  (which comes from "pissing in bed" - we do not draw you a picture) which have a notorious diuretic action.
It is now easily obtained in pharmacies, organic stores, even in the dietetic departments of supermarkets, mainly in the form of herbal teas combining several plants with the same active ingredients. Other presentations also exist, such as ampoules or capsules, the number of which often corresponds to the duration of a cure.
Let's present some tips:
 Onion broth
Classic onion broth is a great dish for treating kidney failure  and any other disease that affects the kidneys. Thanks to its  diuretic  and anti-inflammatory properties, onion broth will help you relieve most of the characteristic symptoms of kidney failure.
In order for the onion broth to be effective, you need to take it on an empty stomach and half an hour before meals. In addition, you will benefit from its great purifying power, thanks to which you will be able to eliminate liquids and toxins from your body.
 Medicinal infusions
Certain herbal remedies can be very beneficial in improving kidney function. 
Bearberry. Bearberry has the virtue of stimulating kidney function. However, for the same reason, it should be consumed with caution.
Horsetail. It is very rich in minerals, especially silicon. In addition, it has the ability to increase the production and elimination of urine, in addition to cleaning the urinary tract.
Dandelion . Dandelion is a very cleansing medicinal plant that acts both on the kidneys and the liver.
Purple . Mallow flowers improve pathologies that affect the kidneys and  urinary tract .
The ginger poultice
Ginger is a very effective medicinal food for treating kidney failure  as well as many other diseases. However, in this case we suggest you use it topically. In this way you can benefit from its great calorific, stimulating and anti-inflammatory power.


How to make a ginger poultice?
To get started, you will first need to prepare a concentrated infusion of ginger. Then, adjust a dry towel on your back, at the level of the area corresponding to the kidneys (between the back and the lower back).
Then, place on top of the dry towel, another towel that you will have wet in the infusion of ginger. Finally, cover your entire back with another dry towel and wait 5 more minutes.
 Suction cups
The cupping technique is an ancient method of healing to cause a local effect according to the needs of that part of the body. The suction cup creates a vacuum which stimulates the natural healing of the disorder we are suffering from. Cupping can produce immediate relief but also become an effective long-term treatment.
In case of kidney failure , the suction cups are applied just above the area corresponding to the kidneys. We therefore recommend that you perform this treatment with the help of a professional.
Afterwards, you may have round marks on the skin, similar to bruises. These are temporary and will go away after a few days.
To improve kidney function, it is essential to activate our body's perspiration. This way, by removing fluids and toxins through the skin, you will relieve kidney function naturally. That way, you won't need to take any medication to achieve it.
One way to increase sweating is to completely wrap your body with towels or blankets.
You should not be cold and the fabrics you use should not leave empty spaces or pass air. Then you will stay wrapped 45 minutes this way so that you can sweat and feel great relief.
 The fight against fear
Although there are many factors that affect the functioning of the kidneys, we generally do not take into account the role of  negative emotions  on our organs. In the case of the kidneys, what affects them the most from a psychological point of view is fear.
Just as anger affects the liver or  sadness  damages the lungs, constant fear can trigger long-term kidney disease. It is true that at one time or another we are all afraid.
However, when we are constantly living in this state and not learning how to channel it or externalize it, fear can make us get sick.
Therefore, if you suspect that this condition could influence the health of our kidneys, try to overcome your fears. You can also consult a professional who can help you live in a more calm and relaxed way.
Since the symptoms of kidney failure can be confused with other common conditions, it is important to watch out for them and seek medical help if you have kidney problems. Good lifestyle habits and a healthy diet reduce the risk of suffering from kidney failure by more than 60%  .
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