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What is lupus?

The  Lupus  is a long-term autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal healthy tissue. Symptoms include  inflammation , swelling, and damage to the joints , skin, kidneys, blood, heart, and lungs. Because of its complex nature, people sometimes call lupus the “disease of a thousand faces”.

Lupus is not a contagious disease. A person cannot transmit it sexually or in any other way to another person. However, in rare cases, women with lupus can give birth to children who develop a form of lupus. This is called  neonatal lupus . People with lupus will often experience inflammation and infection due to disorders in the immune system. Although there is no cure, proper nutrition helps facilitate treatment for lupus. What foods should then be eaten or avoided?

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What diets should people with lupus follow?

A person suffering from lupus disease will have more frequent infections and inflammation due to problems in the attacking immune system . Although there has been no proper treatment for lupus so far, eating the right foods and eating a healthy diet is believed to make it easier to treat people with lupus. 

In fact, there are no specific dietary rules for people with lupus. They are only encouraged to consume foods with balanced nutritional content . Although it does not help to heal, but consuming the right foods can help strengthen bones and muscles, relieve inflammation, reduce side effects of medication, help you achieve ideal body weight. 

Recommended foods for people with lupus

Even if there is no specific diet, people with lupus should always ask nutritionists what are the eating patterns and foods that can be eaten. The reason is that eating the wrong food can actually make the disease or inflammation worse, and that's what should be avoided. So ask a nutritionist directly No need to wait long, all questions can be the solution. 

Well, here are the types of foods that are recommended for people with lupus to consume.

Rich in antioxidant content

The inflammation that often occurs in people with lupus can be treated by eating foods rich in  antioxidants  . Fruits and vegetables are the right choice, as these foods are high in antioxidants and are good for treating inflammation and infection. 

High in omega-3

In addition to antioxidants, the inflammation that often occurs in people with lupus can be reduced by eating foods rich in omega-3s . Not only that, omega-3s also help reduce the risk of various heart problems and strokes which are very susceptible to lupus. Tuna, salmon, sardines, and mackerel make up a variety of omega-3 rich food menus that can be tried. 

High in calcium and vitamin D

People with lupus tend to have brittle bone structures . Not only that, the side effects of the drugs consumed also attack the bones, so the risk of bone fragility becomes even greater. However, the risk of brittle bones can be overcome by consuming foods rich in calcium and  vitamin D  which help strengthen bones. 

Foods rich in vitamin D and calcium, such as milk and all low-fat processed foods. Then dark green leafy vegetables, such as broccoli and spinach, can also be alternatives and nuts, including soybeans, kidney beans, or almonds. 

Well, those were good types of food eaten by people with lupus. However, also note that there are several types of foods to avoid, such as foods high in saturated fat , foods with excessive amounts of sodium, and foods with a mixture of onions. These three types of foods should not be eaten as they will worsen the symptoms of lupus . However, always ask for the right food choices directly from the experts in the field.

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