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Premature ejaculation (or premature ejaculation) is a sexual disorder in which a man ejaculates too early without possible voluntary control. There is no universal definition, especially on the minimum time that penetration should last during a sexual relationship, but it may seem important that the man can control the moment of his orgasm so that sexuality is experienced as fulfilling. . Premature ejaculation is when ejaculation occurs before either partner wants it.

The premature ejaculation is not a disease, premature ejaculation functioning perfectly well at the physiological level, but the difficulty in controlling his ejaculation can sometimes be resented and affect the couple's sexuality. The causes are varied. It is a question of primary premature ejaculation when the man has always ejaculated in an uncontrolled way, since his first sexual intercourse, despite long experience and repeated intercourse, with stable partners.

It is a question of secondary premature ejaculation when a man who had no problem controlling his ejaculation suddenly finds himself confronted with it repeatedly. Often, it is after an emotional shock that premature ejaculation appears. According to an OpinionWay survey, one in two men is affected by this type of disorder.

Premature ejaculation is not a disease in the biological sense of the term: for a male animal, it is natural to ejaculate as quickly as possible in order to increase the chances of perpetuating his genes, because in nature nothing guarantees that intercourse will not be interrupted. The principle of controlled ejaculation in order to satisfy partners is a social concern, not a biological imperative.

Premature ejaculation may or may not be associated with other sexual problems such as impotence or dyspareunia. It is the most common male sexual concern. 75% of men questioned by the Kinsey report (1948) say they ejaculate within two minutes after penetration in more than half of their sexual encounters6.

About a third of men consulting in sexology complain about this difficulty which would motivate 20% of the requests concerning sexuality in general medicine. For one in three men with premature ejaculation, this condition leads to anger, shame and depression. Half of the men with premature ejaculation admit to feeling guilty and feeling a sense of failure. The companions are invited to encourage their companion by de-dramatizing the situation, to avoid falling into the circle of guilt and shame, which tend to lock the man in his problem, reached in his virility.

How to proc premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is completely reversible. There are different methods to improve this problem. However, they require a real investment on the part of the man (and his partner); a real desire to get out of it and a strong motivation (the resolution of such a problem requires perseverance and the fact of not being discouraged during moments of disappointment which will not fail to mark the period of rehabilitation); mental work to regain self-confidence, helped by his or her partner.

The support of a professional in this field or a sex therapist is therefore recommended. The companion (or companion) has an important role with respect to the advancement of the state of the precocious ejaculator; Moral support to help him find the taste and desire for fulfilling sexuality is essential. 14.

It should also be noted that premature ejaculation is not due to a physical malformation; the hypersensitivity of the glans that the early ejaculator feels is not irreversible.

“Ejaculation usually occurs a few seconds after penetration”

Ejaculation generally occurs a few seconds after penetration: the man cannot control his arousal because ejaculation occurs involuntarily. By ejaculating early, a man cannot decide when to ejaculate. The man complains only of not or of poorly controlling the moment of ejaculation because he is sometimes overwhelmed by too many emotions.

The correction of premature ejaculation can be seen as rehabilitation through exercise. Their goal is to learn to control and stabilize their level of excitement: it is indeed not the ejaculatory reflex that escapes the control of the early ejaculator, but the level of excitement which leads to the reflex triggering of the ejaculator. 'ejaculation. It is not possible to act on the ejaculatory reflex but only on the level of excitement triggering it.

3. What do you recommend me before as a physical activity? 

Here are the exercises to follow first:

avoid contracting the pelvic musculature and thigh adductors, as this precipitates ejaculation. On the contrary, it is necessary to relax as during urination, and gradually learn to anticipate the ejaculatory reflex;
performing daily series of bodybuilding in the perineum area gradually makes it possible to become aware of the existence of these muscles and to discover ways of using them, in particular the effects on the arousal of contractions or relaxation;
* learn to identify the sensations that announce the imminence of ejaculation so as not to be surprised by ejaculation;
* approaching relaxation techniques, such as sophrology, have their full interest here and can allow man to better inhabit his body and increase his capacity to identify the ejaculatory threshold;
* perform masturbation sessions during which individuals force themselves not to ejaculate for a certain time. This allows you to learn to separate excitement and ejaculation;
* approach masturbation differently: usually, men seek relief through ejaculation in masturbation from a certain sexual tension. Unfortunately, he thus acquires a rapid automatic arousal which leads him to a faster ejaculation. To counter this, you have to learn to savor all the masturbation, to take pleasure in an erection and arousal that last, to better identify your levels of sexual arousal.
Secondly, there are several exercises to be practiced according to the rehabilitation programs envisaged: paradoxical injunctions; scheduled mutual massage sessions; teaching of stop and go or squeeze; learning the perfect stabilization of his excitement despite a very strong stimulation.

The goal is to encourage the patient, with the help of his / her partner, to work on himself, to modulate his level of excitement, to identify the premonitory signs of the ejaculatory reflex and to influence the threshold. While he was most often experiencing anhedonic sexuality, he is invited to “taste” the pleasure that precedes and accompanies the ejaculatory discharge and to share this discovery with his / her partner.

The behavioral technique invented by Seemans in 195315 and taken up by Masters and Johnson: the squeeze consists of asking the partner to strongly squeeze the base of the glans at a signal from the man.

This method is effective if the man's signal is given early enough, that is to say before he feels the risk of ejaculating. In fact, the key is not so much the squeeze as its signal; because who says signal says benchmark: the man underlines (benchmark) thus the level of excitation reached. He calibrates his excitement. The squeeze is only intended for reassurance. If the signal is made too late, when the man feels that he is in danger of ejaculating, this tightening will compress the urethra, temporarily preventing the sperm from evacuating; when released, it will flow without pressure.

Kaplan's Stop and Go consists of varying and even stopping the movements according to your excitement. Man must concentrate on his sensations; as soon as he perceives the warning signs of the onset of his ejaculation, he signals to his / her partner to stop any “Stop” movement.

His excitement having diminished, he again signals his / her partner to resume the “Go” stimulation. This is one of the simplest and most effective methods, but requires great concentration.


What do I need to make the recipe?

Gouro Root (only available here and at   https://www.dawabio.com/ ) 
* Fresh ginger crushed
* ginseng powder
* gironfle nail 
* Xylopia aethiopica (spices)

* Musa × paradisiaca (plantain in French)

* Carpolobia lutea root
* 3 ripe lemons
* 1/2 liter of honey

* Voacanga africana root (powerful ram penis in French).


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