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Breast cancer results from a  disruption of certain cells that multiply and most often form a mass called a  tumor.
In the majority of cases, the development of breast cancer takes several months or even years.

The majority of breast cancers have a good prognosis.  

Currently, around 80% of patients are still alive five years after their disease has been diagnosed, and the chances of recovery or long remission increase the earlier the disease is detected.
The risk of developing breast cancer is higher after menopause  (women diagnosed in France were 63 years old on average in 2012).

Natural herbal treatment

Here we offer you a mixture of seeds, roots, and bark from Africa which can prevent and cure cancer  (breast cancer, cancer of the faith,  prostate cancer, thyroid cancer, cancer of the cervix. uterus, kidney cancer) and cardiovascular disease. These plants are very little known to scientists and they have extraordinary qualities against cancer. Their use of cancer is much more effective than chemotherapy. Rich in antioxidants and trace elements,  our cancer-healing plants delay the development of cancer cells thanks to a pigment they contain, phycocyanin. the root extract kills cells in a very selective way. Healthy cells are not killed, while cancer cells are. Our natural treatment kills cancer in an all-natural way without nausea, weight loss, or hair loss while protecting the immune system.

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ROOT TO CURE CANCER.  Here are herbs to cure cancer

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The herbs smell good and diversify the taste of cooked specialties. But many of them, for example, chives, rosemary, parsley or garlic, have healthy properties. Herbs are helpful in fighting cancer, have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Some scientists compare their power to Gleevec - a drug that has been hailed as a miracle because it effectively blocks the mechanisms that allow tumors to grow. Taken daily, it prevents the tumor from being dangerous. It turns out that mint, thyme, marjoram, oregano, rosemary, and basil work in a similar way. Herbs owe their aromas to terpenes. The recently discovered carnosol-terpene in rosemary limits the ability of cancer cells to attack adjacent tissue.

Studies at the National Cancer Institute show that rosemary extract supports the effects of chemotherapy for breast cancer. So, every day, let's not regret the herbs for taste and health.

Fight against cancer

Immunotherapy is a modern cancer treatment strategy that involves activating the immune system. They knew in ancient times that resistance also affects plants. This is all thanks to the antioxidants found in most of them. They destroy harmful free radicals that damage DNA. Healing Herbs and spices can be found at drugstores, herbal stores, and on windowsills and gardens. They naturally increase immunity and allow the body to fight against pathogenic factors.


These little-known plants: Nettle - Greenweez magazine

The nettle popular has anticancer effects. It has a diuretic effect, supports liver function and lowers blood sugar. It also stimulates pancreatic secretion and antibacterial activity.

It is a source of many vitamins (A, B2, C and K) and minerals: magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, iron, sodium, iodine, and silicon. Nettle also contains essential oils and organic acids. Nettle supports the treatment of tumors located in the bladder and pancreas, according to experts at the Center for Laser Diagnosis and Therapy at the Lodz University of Technology. Pita regularly in the form of an infusion inhibits the development of cancer cells.


Nettle, our friend in the garden!  The dandelion too ... - Women of ...

Dandelion, a popular dandelion, has been used for many years to treat anemia, skin problems, and scurvy. It also soothes various types of inflammation and menstrual pain. Both the stem and the dandelion flower are edible. It is a source of vitamins A, D, E and those of group B and mineral salts - calcium, iron, or magnesium.

Its leaves and roots are also rich in beta-carotene - a component that destroys cancer cells. This is confirmed by studies published in 2008 in the "International Journal of Oncology". According to scientists, dandelion extract inhibits the development of breast cancer. Dairy can be eaten after blanching in boiling water. In Mediterranean countries, it is added to many salads. It is also worth using it as an infusion.

Milk thistle

Milk thistle, a plant that protects the liver |  Health Magazine

In the shell of the seeds and the dry pericarp of milk thistle, we find silymarin - a substance from the group of flavonoids. Thanks to it, it is possible to maintain a balance between the production of new cells and the death of old cells. Anti-inflammatory and protects tissues against cancer. It slows down (and in some cases even inhibits) tumor growth. silymarin is silybin. Studies conducted at the University of Colorado have confirmed that regular use of milk thistle is anticancer.


Oregano: planting, growing and advice on caring for it

Aromatic oregano leaves (or marjoram) are a wealth of compounds called flavonoids. Among them, we find apigenin, which supports the process of nerve cell formation and the formation of strong neural connections in the brain.

The substance has been tested by experts from the University of Bonn. According to them, apigenin has strong anti-cancer effects. Oregano is also a source of anti-inflammatory beta-caryophyllene. The results of these studies were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Regular and popular vegetables, celery and parsley can also protect us from the development of cancer. Toflavonoids, the apigenin they contain, strengthen the connections between brain cells.

Its supplementation reduces hormone-dependent breast tumors and inhibits the proliferation of genes associated with tumor growth. According to researchers at the University of Missouri, this component inhibits the development of aggressive breast cancer. The most valuable apigenin is found in the green part of celery and parsley. The apigenin found in parsley and celery weakens the process of creating blood vessels that can nourish tumors.

Anti-cancer herbs: garlic, onion, leek, shallot, chives

GARLIC, ONION: foods for better health and loss of ...

Garlic, onion and leek are rich in sulfur compounds that weaken the carcinogenic effects of substances formed in meat burned on the grill. They promote the death of cancer cells in the colon, breast, lung, prostate and leukemia. They lower blood sugar, which hinders the development of cancer cells. Garlic and onions work best when mixed with oil after grinding. This sauce can be added to salads, fried in a vegetable casserole, or dipped in whole grain bread.

I think this article will encourage you to grow herbs and vegetables that will not only diversify your diet, improve well-being, but are organic and can be the basis of pride that we have done something for our own health and well-being. 

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