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What are the fallopian tubes?

In healthy women, the fallopian tubes carry mature eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. In order for women to get pregnant, at least one of these fallopian tubes must be opened. If there are disabilities, sperm and eggs cannot meet in the fallopian tubes where fertilization normally takes place. Blocked fallopian tubes are the problem in around 40% of infertile women, so their detection and treatment are especially important. If you are suffering from blocked tubes, our experts have the solution for you.

Natural herbal treatment

Here is the best  African herbal remedy to unblock the tubes and get pregnant quicklyThese herbs are very effective in unblocking the fallopian tubesThey have already enabled many women around the world who had blocked tubes to regain their fertility without operations. If you have blocked tubes, here are the medicinal plants that will allow you to experience the joy of being a mother. How does it work?

Natural therapy is made up of 2 elements: an oil to apply as a poultice and herbal teas. By its vasodilator, purifying and diuretic power, the herbal tea will have the action of unclogging your tubes. Also, the oil to be applied as a poultice will soften the tissues and improve circulation throughout the pelvic region. So, the combined action of these two elements will allow you to unblock your tubes naturally and get pregnant.

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The blocked fallopian tubes can cause some women to experience symptoms such as pelvic or abdominal pain. This pain can occur regularly, for example during menstruation. Sometimes a blockage in the fallopian tube can cause the fertilized egg to block. This is known as an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy may not always cause symptoms and is usually detected during the exam. However, some women may have signs of pregnancy, such as abdominal pain on one side of the body or vaginal bleeding.


Lodhra (scientific / Latin name), is a tree found in the mountainous regions of the northeast of the Indian subcontinent (Nagpur, Manipur) and Burma, whose bark is highly valued, is an ancient medicinal plant in the ayurvedic system. Lodhra is also known as Lodh, Shavara, and Tilva.

Lodhra properties

The bark of the Lodh tree is considered to have medicinal properties and is mainly used in the treatment of health and problems related to the liver and fertility of women (blocked tubes, adenomyosis, etc.). Its bark is also used to make a natural yellow dye. The word “Lodhra” in Sanskrit means “that which makes the body firmer and stronger”.

Lodhra is a very important Ayurvedic herb for treating blocked tubes, endometriosis, fibroids, and ovarian cysts. It is an evergreen tree of medium size. The leaves are 3 to 4 inches in length, circular or oval in shape, the leaf stems are small and velvety to the touch. Its flowers are cream in color, small in size, and are mostly found in clusters. Flowering usually takes place in November and continues until February. Lodhra fruits are blackish-purple in color and are about 1.5 inches long, leathery and contain 1 to 3


Lodhra is considered one of the best herbs to cure all kinds of women's health issues such as endometriosis, blocked tubes, fibroids, and cysts. It is prescribed as a uterine tonic because it relaxes the lining and tissues of the uterus. It relieves gynecological problems like frequent abortions, menorrhagia (excessive bleeding during menstruation), leucorrhea (white discharge) and other uterine coagulation disorders. Lodhra bark decoction is prepared and given with milk for menstrual disorders.

It is particularly useful for postpartum recovery. Lodhra powder can be applied to the vaginal area to recover from vaginal infections and injuries after childbirth. It brings strength and vigor to the female body.

The Lodhra FSH, LH

Lodhra normalizes FSH and LH which regulates the development, growth, pubertal maturation and reproductive processes of the body. It manages the menstrual cycle and stimulates the ovaries to produce eggs, and triggers ovulation and the development of the corpus luteum. Lodhra has an anti-androgenic effect and prevents ovarian cell dysfunction in PCOS, and improved fertility. Treatment with Lodhra bark significantly decreases the level of testosterone, which is found to be high in PCOS. It significantly restores estrogen, progesterone, and cholesterol levels. Lodhra restores the histology of the ovarian tissue. It is useful in inflammation of the uterus due to its anti-inflammatory effects. Lodhra helps maintain the relationship of estrogen and progesterone in the female body thus preventing menstrual irregularity. Thus, it improves mild to moderate menstrual depression, by acting on the serotonergic systems.

Lodhra properties














Wound healing

The cause of blocked tubes

Fallopian tubes can become blocked for a variety of reasons, such as:

A history of pelvic infection

Have a sexually transmitted disease, such as gonorrhea or chlamydia

Endometriosis or a condition that causes the lining of the womb to grow outside the womb

History of stomach surgery

All of these conditions can directly affect the fallopian tubes. In most cases, these conditions or procedures create scar tissue that can clog the tubes.

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    I’m interested in the lodhra decoction. Both of my tubes are blocked frm my partner cheating on me and giving me chlamydia and gonorrhea. I was treated but it left me with scarring of the tubes. Please help me to conceive one more time please, tell me what I need to do,buy I live in USA.

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