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  • Alternatives and natural solution to cure varicocele with plants

    It is scary when you have severe pain in your testicles. All you know is that you are in pain and that something is wrong. You and your partner may be struggling with infertility. But her medical tests show she is fertile. You may be telling yourself that it can't come from you. You are patient from year to year but still no children. You are probably suffering from varicocele.
    Fortunately, modern medicine now offers several options for varicocele. Unfortunately, almost all of them are surgical. Here are the natural remedies to cure varicocele. 

    How to cure varicocele with plants?

    First, varicocele is not a fatality and the only way out is through surgery. The use of natural plants can permanently cure varicocele by avoiding surgery. The natural remedy for curing varicocele that we offer is completely herbal. It is a natural remedy that successfully cures varicocele by strengthening the valves or valves located in the veins of the spermatic cords. So the veins become tonic and tenacious to facilitate the dynamic rise of blood along the veins. This to join the most important veins like the left renal vein and the inferior vena cava. So, it has proven its effectiveness with dozens of resolved cases. Associated with a suitable diet, it can treat varicocele quite easily. So, this is the best natural remedy to cure varicocele and avoid the operation.
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    What is varicocele surgery (varicocelectomy)?

    Currently, there are three types of surgery to relieve varicocele. The three types of surgery are open surgery, microsurgery, and laparoscopic surgery. Understandably, most people are afraid of an operation on their private part. This prompts them to look for other alternatives like our natural treatment to cure varicocele.
    Here is a short description of the 3 surgical approaches
    –Open surgery: It involves an incision in the groin, scrotum, or upper abdomen. A surgeon ties up or knots dysfunctional veins so that he can no longer carry blood.
    - Microsurgical surgery: Similar to open surgery in that it also involves an incision, but is more complex in that it is performed using a microscope to identify and more precisely locate affected veins. There is also a reduced risk of recurrence compared to open surgery.
    -Laparoscopy: is the least recommended treatment option due to the need for general anesthesia, which increases the risk. It is a small incision in the groin and the use of specialized robotic instruments to see inside the body and repair affected veins.

    What are the disadvantages of varicocele surgery?

    Men want to avoid surgery to treat their varicocele for several reasons, including:
    -Risk of infection
    -Longer recovery period compared to minimal invasion
    - The medical error leading to infertility
    -A 4 week recovery period to resume sexual activities
    -Probable recurrence of varicocele

    What are the natural alternatives to avoid the operation?

    We will give you the best natural alternatives to varicocele surgery.


    Health Benefits of Yoga: How Long It Takes to Truly See Results
    Yoga contains various poses that can promote blood flow to the testicle. Like other forms of exercise, yoga can also help improve fertility. Yoga postures have been shown to improve blood flow to the testicles. In particular, inversions are the best way to drain and reduce swelling due to varicocele.

    How to proceed?

    Some of the best yoga poses that you can perform are:
    -Bridge pose: Hold for 10 breaths, rest for 10 breaths, repeat 10 times a day.
    -Sustained shoulder support: Hold for 30 to 50 breaths, repeated 3 times a day.
    -Meditation breathing can also be beneficial. Therefore, focus on long-duration breathing, minimum of 100 breaths per day.

    2-Take cold showers

    It is a way to lower body temperature. Overheating of the testes is a major concern for men with varicoceles and can also be the cause of infertility.
    It has been shown to reduce inflammation. For varicocele, cooling can improve venous contractility and reduce swelling of the veins.
    How to proceed?
    -While taking a shower, run cold water over your testicles for 15 to 30 seconds.
    -It is helpful to wash the entire scrotum, including the pubis, with cold water, as the veins cover the entire area.
    -Perform cooling treatments as many times as needed per day to reduce testicular temperature, but avoid overcooking.

    3-Kegel exercises

    Kegel Exercises - Op. Dr. Cem Özlük
    Kegel exercises can help relieve the symptoms of varicocele. These are easy-to-do pelvic exercises that, when done consistently, can improve and restore muscle tone and blood circulation. They are believed to relieve problems such as incontinence and varicoceles.
    Although these exercises only take five minutes, you will need to do them several times a day to see the potential benefits.

    4- Wear underwear suitable for varicocele

    Varicocele-friendly underwear provides scrotal support that can reduce swelling by reducing swelling. Scrotal supports provide compression to reduce the backflow of blood to the testes. Thanks to this underwear, you will relieve the pain.
    How to proceed?
    - Therapeutic underwear for varicocele should: first, be refreshing and then provide support
    -Avoid slips that overheat the testicles.
    -Use daily and during exercise. Avoid using at night when you sleep.