natural treatment for premature ejaculation


    Premature ejaculation  is not a disease, but an incompatibility that occurs during  sexual intercourse  . According to research, the ejaculation times of men and women are the  same  . The man with  easy orgasm  during this period experiences a serious incompatibility with the woman with   late orgasm during this period. Easy orgasm is most common during  oral sex . This situation does not appear among the problems of premature ejaculation. Because direct contact with the penis or vagina is an excellent stimulant and accelerates blood circulation faster. Another sexual problem equivalent to this situation is stated as impotence.

    Natural treatment for premature ejaculation

    The natural treatment to fight against premature ejaculation that we offer is composed of herbal teas. Herbal tea is a natural remedy that contains plants whose active ingredients eliminate the anxiety you feel before and during sex. It is this anxiety that prevents you from controlling ejaculation and therefore from staying in bed longer.

    So This natural remedy will help you maintain excellent erections for as long as you want to last. By using our products you will create a powerful synergy, you can stay calm and in control throughout sex, and you will be able to naturally last much longer in bed. Thus, it is the miracle solution to put an end to premature ejaculation for good.

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    Herbal Solutions For Premature Ejaculation

    The main reason for premature ejaculation is the stress that the person experiences during the day. For this reason, first of all, stress should be reduced. You need to consume natural foods to reduce stress. 


    Everything about the banana: choosing it, cooking it, storing it ...

    The banana provides over secretion of the hormone of happiness  (serotonin) in the brain, thereby reducing stress. The avocado and the fig see the same task at the same time. If you want to maximize premature ejaculation during sex, pay attention to banana consumption.


     Another food that reduces happiness and reduces stress is fish,  which contains  omega-3sTo prevent premature ejaculation,  experts recommend consuming fish at least twice a week.


    Carrot (ingredient) - All about carrot |  750g

    Carrots, which allow partners to be strong during sex, offer a solution to the problem of premature ejaculation, especially in men. It reduces fatigue in daily consumption.


    Magnesium strengthens your nervous system, reducing your stress. This is why experts recommend that you eat nuts rich in magnesium.

    The mixture of honey seeds and radish


    200 gr. honey   and  100 g. Combine the beaten radish seedsThis mixture morning and evening, including a day to consume twiceIt will prevent premature ejaculation.

    Wild hyacinth tea

    Let 6-7  wild hyacinth leaves boil  in  250 ml of water for 1 to 2 minutes,  then let cool. Drink it after it has cooled. This tea will relax you and prevent you from ejaculating early.

    Clove tea

    Cloves, a powerful natural antiseptic

    Carnation tea, which is one of the types of herbs that suppress premature ejaculation, is consumed differently in men and women, according to experts. If the man wants to avoid premature ejaculation, he should drink clove tea 2 hours before sex and 1 hour before the woman.


    All about ginger

    It is known that specialists who treat problems with sexuality recommend ginger,  which prevents premature ejaculation. Be careful not to consume excessively.

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