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    In general, bedwetting is a habit of small children at night, but there are cases of adults who are still wet. Bedwetting is also called bedwetting, in adults it can be a sign of symptoms of serious illness. Know the cause of bedwetting, how to treat bedwetting in adults naturally.

    What is enuresis?

    Bedwetting is a medical term for bedwetting at night. There are two types of enuresis, namely:

    Nocturnal enuresis: Common habits of nocturnal enuresis at night.
    Daytime enuresis: habit of nocturnal enuresis during the day.
    Bedwetting is the most common condition in children because their bladder is still growing to signal a need to urinate and most children have not yet learned to use the toilet at night.

    While in children, bedwetting habits are not a problem, for adults, bedwetting habits can be a sign of a serious illness that needs to be treated immediately. According to research, 1 to 2% of adults still wet the bed because of their medical condition.

    According to some research, about 3% of women and men over the age of 18 suffer from bedwetting linked to a medical condition. The habits of bedwetting in adults also interfere with their psychological state.


    Natural herbal treatment

    The treatment we offer is a very effective product without side effects to cure bedwetting. The treatment we offer is an herbal tea, the secret of which we hold to permanently cure bedwetting. It allows children or adults to feel free by waking up in the mornings with the certainty of not having wet the bed.

    Most children stop wetting the bed when they get older. However, they may need help controlling bedwetting or it may be a symptom of other medical conditions that need attention. Such as infection, sleep apnea, stress, diabetes, low hormone production, chronic constipation and other causes.

    In children as well as in adolescents or adults, bedwetting can lead to low self-esteem a sleep disorder as well as shame in their partner

    Take our tea to permanently cure bedwetting and avoid all the teasing and all the problems that this disease can cause. Our product is made entirely from natural herbal teas. This product helps strengthen the muscles of the bladder, acts as a strong antibiotic in case of infection, and resolves hormonal problems that may be at the root of this disease. Trust us! This natural remedy is the secret to curing bedwetting with plants.

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    Les 10 vertus du miel à connaitre !

    The 10 virtues of honey to know!

    The taste is sweet with a thick texture, which makes honey very favorite, ranging from children to adults. Honey is also rich in various benefits, one of which is a home remedy for bedwetting. Therefore, remember to always give honey to children before going to bed.


    Définition | Basilic - Herbe royale - Grand basilic | Futura Planète
    Ancient medicine for treating urinary incontinence in children, fried basil leaves made in a paste with honey are known to be effective medicines. Basil's antiseptic properties will also help fight bladder infections.

    Nuts and raisins

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    Storage: how to preserve your Seeberger dried fruits and nuts...

    Nuts and raisins are often used as healthy snacks for children. Nuts and raisins are the best medicine for bedwetting. No need to bother, moms just give the child a teaspoon of raisins and two teaspoons of nuts before going to bed.

    Causes of bedwetting in adults

    Here are some of the causes of bedwetting in adults:

    Hormonal disturbances

    Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) is a hormone whose job is to signal the kidneys to slow down urine production, especially at night so you can sleep soundly.

    Adults who still wet the bed usually do not produce enough DHA hormone, so urine output remains high at night, the body's lack of response to getting up and urinating, and bladder problems.

    Small bladder

    The bladder volume is small to hold urine, so you should empty urine at all times as the bladder fills up quickly, especially at night.

    Excessive muscles

    The bladder has a muscle called the detrusor muscle. The function of the detrusor muscle is to respond to the activity of the bladder. The detrusor muscle contracts when the bladder is filled with urine, and then the muscle relaxes when you pass urine.

    The detrusor muscle can work so actively that it often contracts at the wrong time, making it difficult for you to control or hold back urination at night.

    Signs of cancer

    Bedwetting in adults can be a sign of bladder cancer or prostate cancer. These cancer cells prevent you from holding urine at night, so you get wet often.

    Sleep Apnea

    Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder where your breathing often stops during sleep. According to research, 7% of people with sleep apnea have a habit of bedwetting at night. Bedwetting may be a symptom of your worsening sleep apnea.

    The most common causes of bedwetting in adults are:

    • Diabetic sugar
    • Nervous disorders
    • The influence of genetics
    • Urinary tract infections (UTIs)
    • Enlarged prostate gland
    • Stress or anxiety.

    Side effects of certain medications

    If you already know the cause of bedwetting in adults, it will be easier to overcome it. You may need to see a doctor determine the medical conditions that cause bedwetting habits in adulthood.

    How to overcome bedwetting in adults naturally

    Bedwetting habits in adults can also have an impact on a person's psychological state. Here are ways to naturally fight bedwetting in adults, namely:

    Establish a consumption schedule

    Olvidas beber agua regularly? | Menos Azucar

    The first natural way to deal with bedwetting in adults is to set your drinking schedule. It is best that you do not drink too many hours before going to bed at night.

    You need to make sure you stay hydrated because if you are dehydrated it will cause urinary tract infections. You can overcome this by drinking more in the afternoon and evening depending on your fluid needs per day.

    Train your bladder

    Une autorisation écrite pour aller aux toilettes au travail, est ...

    Written authorization to use the bathroom at work is ...

    Bladder training is part of a bedwetting treatment program generally recommended by doctors. Bladder training by making a regular schedule for going to the bathroom with increasing intervals for training to slow down the flow of urine.

    It will also help to stretch the size of the bladder volume to be larger to hold more urine. This habit will also cause the bladder muscles to respond better.

    You may need to see a doctor about an appropriate bedwetting treatment program to reduce the risk of other illnesses because you are holding urine for too long.

    Install the alarm

    Alarme pipi au lit pour garçons ou filles Solutions de contrôle ...

    Bedwetting alarm for boys or girls Controls solutions ...

    You may need to set an alarm several times at night to remind yourself to get up to pass urine completely. Whenever the alarm goes off, you will wake up to urinate and avoid bedwetting.

    It is a natural way to deal with bedwetting in adults that you can do easily.

    Create a urination schedule

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    It is advisable to schedule urination before going to bed to empty the bladder. You may also need to schedule evening urination, such as every 3 hours while you sleep.

    Cut down on certain drinks


    How to treat bedwetting in adults naturally then is to limit certain types of drinks that can irritate the bladder, such as caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, and other sugary drinks. These types of drinks will irritate your bladder and make you urinate more often.

    Bedwetting alarms

    3 stratégies pour éviter le pipi nocturne | Santé Magazine

    3 strategies to avoid nighttime pee | Health Magazine

    There is a new technology developed overseas to overcome bedwetting habits called bedwetting alarms. Bedwetting alarms are alarms installed in a bed.

    This alarm goes off when your bed starts to get wet because it is wet. When you wake up from the alarm, you will continue to urinate in the bathroom. The night bedwetting alarm sensors will cause bladder sensation at night.

    Bedwetting alarms are generally used to treat bedwetting in children. Moreover, this latest sensor technology was only developed abroad at a sufficiently high price.


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  • Natural methods for bedwetting, bedwetting

    The enuresis Night is a very common problem in infants and young children. This often happens because children have a small bladder and cannot hold their urine all night or the urge to urinate is not strong enough to wake them up.

    Children grow older and bedwetting goes away as they get older, but it can be bothersome and cause your child to shy away from social activities such as sleepovers, or sleeping at a friend's house overnight. You can help your child with easy and simple natural remedies. To discover the most effective natural treatment, Click on the image below.


    Here are the best treatments to avoid the problem of bedwetting  :


    Cinnamon 1

    Cinnamon powder is one of the easiest ways to help your child with bedwetting.
    • Have your child chew the cinnamon bark once a day.
    • You can also mix the sugar and cinnamon powder together, then sprinkle on buttered toast. Give this toast to your child for breakfast.

    Herbal tea


    Herbal tea made from horsetail, bearberry (bearberry) and oak bark can be used to treat bedwetting in small children.
    - Mix all the ingredients in small quantities and add them to a pot of boiling water.
    - Remove from the heat, cover the pan and let it sit for a few hours.
    - Give your child half a cup of this herbal tea twice a day and one cup about an hour before going to bed.


    Olive oil

    Olive oil

    An easy treatment known to cure chronic enuresis: olive oil.
    Just heat a little olive oil and when it is hot (not too hot anyway) apply it to your child's lower abdomen and massage gently for several minutes.
    This simple remedy should be followed regularly to get a positive result.


    Cranberry juice

    Cranberry juice 1

    Cranberry juice is good for the kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract. It is highly recommended for children with bedwetting problems.
    Although most liquids should be avoided before bedtime, you can give your child cranberry juice an hour before going to bed. Repeat this process every day for a few months.


    Nuts and raisins


    Nuts and raisins can also be used to reduce the frequency of bedwetting. Many children will also appreciate this remedy.
    Give your child two teaspoons of nuts and a teaspoon of raisins before going to bed.
    Repeat this method for a few months until you see positive results.




    Honey is a wonderful source of natural sugar that can be used to treat bedwetting. Many children love the sweet taste of honey, which makes it an easy remedy to try.


    Apple cider vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar 1

    Apple cider vinegar helps reduce acid levels in the stomach and will reduce the need to urinate frequently.
    It also eliminates calcium deposits in the body.
    Just mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and have your child drink it with every meal.


    Mustard powder

    Mustard powder

    Another effective tip for the problem of bedwetting lies in mustard powder. Mustard seeds can be of great help for those suffering from urinary diseases.
    Stir half a teaspoon of dry mustard seed powder into a cup of hot milk.
    Give this drink to your child in the evening an hour before going to bed.

    You can also give your child a handful of mustard seeds to eat during the day to help prevent bedwetting.