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    Alcoholism is a heavy and difficult addiction. Undoubtedly, in the case of alcoholism, it is essential to help a good psychologist who specializes in working with drug addicts and their families. Psychotherapy should be extended to the whole family.

    Despite the dire consequences of excessive alcohol consumption, this trend is on the rise in many Western countries. In the United States, the number of people consuming alcohol increased by 17.2% between 2005 and 2012. In Poland, according to research by the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, 11.9% of the adult population (18-64 years), or nearly 3 million people,  abuse alcohol and around 600,000 are dependent. (2.4% of the population).

    None of these numbers, of course, reflect the enormity of the pain and suffering that addicts and their families suffer from alcoholStudies show that its increased consumption is associated with a lower level of intimacy between partners and an increased rate of divorce. They also point out that there is a direct relationship between alcohol consumption and depressionThe percentage of suicides is about 120% higher among alcoholics than in the rest of the adult population. A non-medical, theistic model of support groups, created in the mid-1930s by  Alcoholics Anonymous  (AA), is an automatic method of drug addiction treatmentIn Western countries, the vast majority of hospitals, drug treatment centers, alcohol counselors, and courts recommend AA therapy and the use of what is called a 12-step program to regain and maintain life. sobriety. "Most alcoholics do not give up," according to an estudy. - They die. Those who successfully overcome drug addiction by the 12-step method are still struggling with alcohol problems and suffer from many other symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, tension, fatigue, and depression, which have a profound impact on their quality of life and cause them to have always been addicted to attending AA meetings,


    Our Treatment
    Our natural remedy to stop drinking is in the form of herbal tea. This natural therapy is the perfect solution to stop alcohol consumption. It is made from plants that remove acetaldehyde from the body while reducing the need to drink. These plants prevent the production of dopamine, which is the neurotransmitter providing the feeling of well-being and pleasure stimulated by acetaldehydeOur natural remedy for stopping alcohol consumption helps overcome withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, irritation, hunger, and lack of concentration. Our natural remedy is the secret to quitting drinking for good. As soon as you feel a strong urge to drink, take a glass of this herbal tea, it will calm your urge to drink.
    Our natural remedy will help you to stop drinking, but of course, above all, you need a lot of motivation and total determination. If you take this natural remedy without really having the urge to quit drinking, it won't be of much use to you. The first secret to quitting drinking is determination. Without it everything else is just pipe dreams. If you are on this page, you are determined. You have probably taken the most important step. Now the hard part is behind you, all you have to do is start our natural treatment to stop drinking.

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    Treatment of alcoholism can be supported by ancient folk methods derived from nature. Here are a few:


    There are many recipes that support the treatment of alcohol addiction. Choose and use the one you like the most.

     Drink enough water
    Drinking water excessively could cause death?  |  New Woman

    Before each meal, drink a glass of water with 5-8 drops of hydrogen peroxide. Use this treatment for 3 months.


    Consume honey

    Cup of latte coffee and honey coffee beans on white background ...

    2-Half an hour before each meal, take half a teaspoon of feathers and half a teaspoon of honey. Mixtures do not swallow, they suck slowly.



    Absinthe: planting, maintenance - House side

    3- Mix equal amounts of wormwood, Centuria and thyme. Pour half a glass of boiling water over a tablespoon of herbs and cook for about 5 minutes. Then cool the mixture and filter. Take 2 tablespoons of decoction before meals. Continue treatment for 2 months. Repeat after a month if necessary.


    The bark of the birch

    Birch (Betula): tree, planting, pruning, care

    4- When using this method, don't forget about safety. Collect birch bark (preferably from already cut trunks so as not to harm the plant). Build a bonfire where you will burn birch bark. From time to time pour sugar into the fire. Smell the smoke. Repeat the treatment if necessary.


    Consume garlic

    The great healing properties of garlic - Telemundo Miami (51)

    5- Crush the garlic (Polish, not Chinese). Prepare 1 cup of garlic per liter of whey. Take ¼ cup of this mixture every day for at least 2 months. This mixture is useful not only for the treatment of alcoholism but also for drug addiction and smoking.



    Sorrel, a wild salad: cultivation and benefits of the plant ...

    6- Pour a tablespoon of curly sorrel root with a glass of boiling water and cook these herbs. 15 minutes, covered. Leave the mixture for a few hours, then strain. Drink 1 tablespoon 5 times a day.



    Liveche: Properties, Indications, Tips - Therapeutes magazine

    7- Take the lovage root and 6 bay leaves and half a liter of vodka. Pour the vodka over the herbs and let stand for a week in a dark place. Shake from time to time at this time. Whenever you feel the urge to drink alcohol, drink this tincture. Causes aversion to alcohol.

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