jathropha to cure HIV AIDS

  • JATROPHA ROUGE: Natural treatment against HIV AIDS

    In Africa, AIDS no longer seems to be an incurable disease. The experts of herbal medicine from Africa claim to have a cure for AIDS. One of them (Mes Plantes) published on the platform www.mesplantes.net the photo of a plant which he believes cures HIV. This plant is the red Jatropha, it allows us to say goodbye to AIDS.

    Let's discover together, the red Jatropha, a plant that completely cures the body of HIV AIDS. This information was revealed on the platform, by a naturotherapist who subsequently gave the recipe for use. Click on the image below to discover this natural recipe.

    HIV AIDS treatment

    There are many natural remedies that have more potent therapeutic properties than conventional medicines, but the pharmaceutical industry should not let you know. In nature, there is always a natural solution for every disease known or to come and for man to seek and find. Enlightened minds often take the lead and our herbal tea is a real field medicine to boost the immune system in order to allow it to hold out against opportunistic diseases. Even in the critical and terminal stages of HIV AIDS, the remedy provides rapid relief, relieves clinical symptoms in 90% of patients.

    Red jatropha is believed to have medicinal properties that go as far as curing people with HIV-AIDS. Clearly, this miracle plant would help say goodbye to AIDS.

    And to use it, you just have to knead, grind or knead a few leaves of this plant in water. Once the juice is obtained and filtered, it will take 3 glasses per day (morning, noon, and evening).

    Results should appear after two months of regular intake.

    Jatropha associated with cassava tubers

    Jatropha and cassava tubers against AIDS

    In the treatment of AIDS with Jatropha, some healers have taken the research a little further. Indeed, they evoke the existence of a miracle treatment of AIDS based on this plant associated with cassava.

    A priori, the medicinal drink obtained from this plant and cassava would have spectacular antiretroviral effects. In addition, anyone can even do it at home.  And in this case, it is enough to wash the fresh leaves of red Jatropha well and then to peel the cassava tubers.  Then, using a juice extractor or a juicer, you have to obtain the juice of each of the two elements. By mixing the two solutions, you will obtain  MY PLANTS, a solution against HIV AIDS.

    In the end, we will remember that with therapy, Jatropha, and many other proposals from nature therapists, we can believe that AIDS loses its status as an incurable disease.