how to cure anemia naturally


    The anemia in pregnant women is one of the risks to watch because it can affect the health of the mother and fetus. 

    What are the symptoms and how can I overcome them?

    Anemia in pregnant women that are not treated properly can increase the risk of complications, such as preterm labor. In addition, anemia can also increase the risk of low birth weight in infants. On the maternal side, anemia can increase the risk of postpartum depression and postpartum maternal death.

    However, nowadays natural treatment is definitely better for curing anemia permanently.

    Natural herbal treatment

    Here is the best natural remedy in the world to cure anemia. It helps the body to maximize the absorption of iron. It is therefore very important to prevent and overcome anemia. It is natural anti-anemic thanks to the contribution of vitamins and minerals involved in the absorption of iron and the synthesis of hemoglobin by the body providing an optimal number of hematomas for the transport of oxygen to the tissues and cells. 

    Due to the composition, herbal tea has strong antioxidant properties, protecting the body against oxidative stress and degenerative processes. It also supports the process of digestion and detoxification, maintaining the normal functioning of the body, increasing health, vitality, and longevity. 

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    Symptoms of anemia in pregnant women and how to overcome it - Alodokter

    Recognize the symptoms of anemia carefully

    Pregnant women need more blood cells to support the development of the fetus. Anemia in pregnant women can lead to insufficient needs so that oxygen is channeled to the tissues of the body and the fetus is limited.

    What should be observed is that sometimes the symptoms of anemia in pregnant women also resemble the pregnancy symptoms that are usually experienced. Additionally, mild anemia may not cause obvious symptoms.

    If the anemia worsens, pregnant women may experience certain symptoms such as:

    • Quick tired and feeling weak
    • The skin is pale
    • Irregular heartbeat
    • Shortness of breath
    • Chest pain and headache.

    In addition, some symptoms occur rarely, including:

    • Itches
    • Changes in the sense of taste
    • Hair loss
    • Ears ringing
    • Thrush on the edge of the mouth.

    To confirm the diagnosis of anemia in pregnant women, it is necessary to pass a blood test. Blood tests are usually done during the first pregnancy check-up and then done again during pregnancy.

    How to beat anemia during pregnancy

    Pregnant women need 27 milligrams of iron per day. To beat anemia in pregnant women, you can do the following:

    • Take iron supplements

    The most common iron supplement is ferrous sulfate, which is taken 2-3 times a day. However, some people experience side effects from consuming iron supplements, such as abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation, heartburn, nausea, or dark stools. See a doctor if you experience these side effects after taking iron supplements.

    • Increase your intake of iron-rich foods

    In addition to supplements, iron deficiency can also be managed through a healthy diet and regular. Add a  contribution to iron-containing food is a way to prevent and treat anemia in pregnant women. Eat balanced foods, then add at least three servings of foods high in iron. Here are some examples of foods that are high in iron:

    - Fish, red meat, chicken.
    -   Dark green vegetables.
    - Nuts and seeds.
    - Cereals enriched with iron.
    - Egg and tofu.

    Meeting Vitamin C Needs In

    Order for the body to absorb iron as much as possible, vitamin C  is also needed, which can be found in oranges, strawberries,  kiwi, and tomatoes. Combine foods rich in iron and rich in vitamin C for optimal intake.

    Do not underestimate anemia in pregnant women, as the danger of anemia in pregnant women can interfere with fetal development and the general health conditions of pregnant women. See your doctor for a blood iron test if you experience symptoms of anemia in pregnant women, as mentioned above.


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