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    Epilepsy- What is it?

    Epilepsy is a medical condition that results from excessive electrical activity in the brain and nervous system. Under normal circumstances,  brain cells  transmit electrical stimuli through a well-regulated system. However, patients with epilepsy experience times when a large number of brain cells are activated at the same time. This uncontrolled shock presents a wide variety of symptoms - from a simple blank stare to loss of consciousness accompanied by seizures. These conditions are called epileptic seizures. A single seizure does not necessarily mean epilepsy, a seizure disorder defined by recurrent seizures. 
    In short, epilepsy is a disease characterized by repeated epileptic seizures originating in the brain. Epilepsy is a disease, while an epileptic seizure is a symptom. 

    If you suffer from epilepsy and want a natural cure, our experts have the solution for you.

    Natural herbal treatment

    It is a rapid and effective natural treatment to prevent and control seizures. We use  the best natural herbs to cure epilepsy . This natural remedy is active in all crises of epilepsy ; it is suitable for children and adults. Modern medicine offers drugs for epilepsy . Unfortunately, these drugs often have many side effects and are not always effective. They inhibit seizures, but are not curative.

    Our natural treatment is the secret to preventing epileptic seizures from herbs. The natural treatment to cure epilepsy  that we offer allows you to naturally reduce the frequency of epilepsy seizures.The herbal tea is made from leaves, roots and bark whose active ingredients will prevent your seizures.

    Medicinal plant for epilepsy

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    Therefore, magnesium is important for our muscles and their contractions, as well as for the transmission of nerve impulses. 
    Magnesium is very important in the production of chemicals in the brain (neurotransmitters) that transmit  nerve impulses . It therefore protects the health of the nerves and the brain.
    Also, the complex of B vitamins and magnesium - prevents the development of tonic convulsions, supports the proper functioning of the nervous system. Thanks to its effects, magnesium is very important in the fight against epilepsy. 


    19 Magnesium Benefits and Tips | Eat This Not That

    Thanks to its important role in the body, magnesium contributes to many activities which are reflected in our health. Magnesium contributes to:
    ⦁ Increased resistance to stress
    ⦁ Improved brain function - Studies show that low levels of magnesium in the brain are directly correlated with poor memory function
    ⦁ Calm down, reduce blood pressure
    anxi Anxiety and depression ⦁ Improved quality of sleep
    Reduced inflammation in the body - low magnesium intake may be associated with chronic inflammation, which is one of the factors in aging, obesity and chronic disease
    ⦁ fight against type 2 diabetes - Although additional research is needed, magnesium supplements seem effective in controlling blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes
    ⦁ Reducing insulin resistance
    ⦁ Improve energy metabolism
    ⦁ To break down body fat
    ⦁ Increase anabolism and physical performance

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