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  • Treatment Of Epilepsy With Folk Remedies In Adults And Children

    Cramps occur as tingling or squeezing in small areas of the body, such as the face, or loss of consciousness and uncontrolled snoring of the whole body. Recurrent seizures are called epilepsySeizures can affect only part of the brain or be common, causing many epileptic symptoms: headache, drowsiness, dizziness and discomfort. Then the person falls unconscious, suffocates or starts shaking uncontrollably.

    Small seizures that usually affect children are difficult to detect because the child may seem to be just dreaming. Sometimes folk remedies appear that seem to help. Unfortunately, when we try to use these methods, they are not as effective as the drugs prescribed by our doctor. Some only make it worse - directly or by lowering the seizure threshold or indirectly by interacting with our prescription drugs.

    Seizures in epilepsy are caused by a sudden uncontrolled onset of electrical activity in the brain. They can be caused by trauma, infection or illness or there can be no obvious cause at all.

    Symptoms and signs

    When a person falls and cramps begin, this is one of the clear symptoms of epilepsy. But we must pay attention to the following signs that should warn: a person suddenly freezes, sometimes begins to make unconscious automatic movements, does not react to others. But often from the side of his actions seem quite significant.
    With proper treatment, 75% of even severe patients can live without seizures.

    Natural herbal treatment

    It is a rapid and effective natural treatment to prevent and control seizures. We use the best natural herbs to cure epilepsy. This natural remedy is therefore active in all epileptic seizures; it is suitable for children and adults. Modern medicine offers drugs for epilepsy. Unfortunately, these drugs often have many side effects and are not always effective. They inhibit seizures but are not curative.

    Our natural treatment is the secret to preventing epileptic seizures from herbs. The natural treatment to cure epilepsy that we offer allows you to naturally reduce the frequency of epilepsy seizures. The herbal tea is made from leaves, roots and bark whose active ingredients will prevent your seizures.

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    Medicinal plant for epilepsy

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    How to avoid or prevent seizures

    If the brain cells are very excited, then excessive bioelectrical activity begins in them, which causes epileptic seizures. Convulsive seizures are considered the most severe - depending on which area of ​​the brain bioelectric discharge occurs, muscle tension is replaced by convulsions, the patient's face turns pale and acquires a bluish tinge.

    A special protein diet reduces the frequency of seizures.

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    Stimulation of brain cells and, consequently, an attack of epilepsy can cause the following causes:

    • overwork
    • excessive harassment
    • stress
    • lack of sleep
    • alcohol​

    Home treatment of epilepsy

    Epilepsy is popularly referred to as epileptic disease because it is accompanied by convulsive seizures and impaired consciousness.

    There is no consensus on the reasons for the attacks... However, doctors agree that the treatment of epilepsy should be comprehensive, regular and prolonged.

    Representatives of traditional medicine believe that the treatment of epilepsy folk remedies is ineffective. However, the use of plant husks and infusions as an adjunct to basic therapy is considered appropriate.

    Drug therapy helps control epileptic seizures. About half of patients with timely diagnosis of the disease live without seizures using a single drug.

    Surgery is indicated for focal symptomatic epilepsy caused by a neoplasm, abscess, aneurysm, or other lesions of brain structures.

    Home remedies reduce the severity and frequency of seizures, increase the effectiveness of anticonvulsants, help strengthen the body as a whole.

    Diet for epilepsy

    How Do Ketogenic Diets Help People With Epilepsy?

    The high protein content of the diet causes a lack of calcium, necessary for the transmission of nerve impulses. Patients with epilepsy are shown low-protein diets.

    You should limit the consumption of dairy products and meat and include cereals, fruits, vegetables in the menu as often as possible. Cow's milk can be replaced with soy.

    • sugar
    • a cafe
    • chocolate
    • white bread, cakes, cakes,
    • fatty hard cheese
    • carbonated and sugary drinks,
    • spicy foods, vinegar,
    • alcohol

    The likelihood of seizures can increase constipation, so a sedentary lifestyle should be avoided. Between meals, experts advise drinking plenty of water.

    In addition, it is not recommended to use aluminum cooking pans - aluminum is able to interact with food and then accumulate in brain cells and contribute to increasing the frequency of attacks.

    Natural treatment for epilepsy

    Drugs provoke side effects. Therefore, patients are often interested in non-traditional methods of treating epilepsy at home.

    From time immemorial, scientifically inexplicable manipulations and even exorcisms have been used to treat meadows.

    Patients admit: they are supported by music studies, drawing and other creative hobbies. Sometimes on a subconscious level, "magic" influences and prayers help.

    Some patients notice an improvement when they clench their fists or use magnets - they are applied to the feet, palms and temples. A simple technique helps them recover from an attack - just a step on the little finger of the left hand.

    In general, the treatment of epilepsy with folk methods "works" in two directions: calms the nervous system and eliminates the predisposition to seizures.


    Learn About the History of Acupressure Treatment and Why It Works ...

    With epilepsy, massaging a special bioactive point located at the outer corner of the nail root on the first toe helps a lot.

    It is applied once a day for 15-20 seconds, massaging in a clockwise direction. Course - 10 sessions .

    Epilepsy increases the reserve alkalinity of the blood, so it is recommended to drink juices on an empty stomach:

    • any citrus
    • black and red currants,
    • pickled apples
    • cranberry and squid,
    • gooseberries
    • fresh spinach leaves
    • raw onions.

    The juices are prepared before use.

    Vegetable oil

    Vegetable Oil - Janus Services – Taste of the Future

    Unexplained cure, but very effective - this is how epileptics talk about it. You need to put a tablespoon of vegetable oil in your mouth, concentrating it near your front teeth.

    Dissolve the oil for 15-20 minutes, like candy, without swallowing. Spit the liquid - it should look like milk in color and texture. Rinse your mouth well.

    The procedure should be performed on an empty stomach - morning and evening. This is one of the unconventional methods of treating epilepsy in adults - it is unlikely that children will be able to hold the oil in their mouth without swallowing.

    With epilepsy, warm baths with the addition of pine buds, willow bark and valerian roots have worked well.

    Children in these baths should be bathed every other day, adults can wear them every day. The duration of the procedures is not more than 15 minutes.


    Aromatic fabrics

    For a month and a half, the air in the patient's room should be saturated with the smell of myrrh. This fragrant resin can be sought in the church.

    A few pieces of ointment should be burned before going to bed in a flat bowl. Thus, in ancient times, priests treated epilepsy.

    The smell of burnt nettle seeds helps. And you can add dried thyme leaves, mint, lavender or lipstick to the patient's pillow.

    The effectiveness of copper in epilepsy has been observed since ancient times. The patient should receive jewelry made of this metal or a piece of pure copper. When approaching an attack, he should take copper in his hands and rub his palms.

    Often, seizures are caused by external electromagnetic waves (strong magnetic storms, radiation from microwave ovens, and cell phones). Copper plated copper can weaken them.

    It is not difficult to make an edge: it is necessary to clean the copper wire from the insulation, turn it into a circle to the size of the head and fasten it with tape.

    Another option for using copper: seizures will disappear if you put insoles made of birch bark, fastened with copper wire in shoes.

    Infusions and peels

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    The easiest way to treat herbs is to prepare peels and infusions. For the treatment of epilepsy:

    • Lavender . Pour a teaspoon of grass or flowers with a glass of boiling water, bring to a boil, insist. Drink twice a day in a spoon.
    • Worm wood . Pour a teaspoon of the herb into a glass of boiling water, cool and filter. Drink three times a day for a third of a glass.
    • Grushanka . Pour a tablespoon of raw material into a glass of boiling water, leave it to boil for two hours, filter. Drink three times a day in a spoon.
    • Adonis . Pour a teaspoon of herbs in a glass of boiling water, insist, filter. Drink three times a day in a spoon.
    • Rutu . Pour a tablespoon of herbs into a glass of boiling water, insist, filter. Drink three times a day in a spoon.
    • Ephedra . Pour two tablespoons of herbs with a glass of boiling water, insist, filter. Drink three times a day in a spoon.
    • Initial letter . Pour a tablespoon of herbs into a glass of boiling water, insist, filter. Drink three times a day in a spoon.
    • Oatmeal . Three times a day, take on an empty stomach 0.3 glasses of green juice.
    • Bedding . Squeeze the juice, drink on an empty stomach two teaspoons twice a day.

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