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  • CONDYLOMA- methods of diagnosis and treatment of genital warts during pregnancy

    Pregnancy is not only a great time to have a baby, but also a number of problems and exacerbations of chronic diseases. Often, a pregnant woman faces a condition such as genital warts. Think about this disease in more detail.

    Types of growth

    Genital warts come in different shapes and sizes. Their color can vary from light pink to gray. In the early stages of the disease, the genital warts are separated from each other and look like a single tumor. When time passes and proper treatment does not come, these growths connect large areas of damage, such as cauliflower. Growth is divided into two types:

    1. Lame. These genital warts grow on the cervix. They are very small in size and require a microscope to examine them. This feature makes diagnosis difficult at an early stage. Therefore, the risk of cancer increases.
    2. Spicy. The most common type of growth cover. They can be found in the vagina and clitoris, anus and labia. They may also be located on the groin, hips and buttocks.

    Reasons for occurrence

    For a very long time, a woman may not be aware of the presence of the virus in her body. The decrease in immunity associated with pregnancy can provoke the development of genital warts. For a long time, the virus remains inactive and lives on the mucous membranes of the genitals, as well as in saliva and urine. Therefore, infection occurs through microtrauma during intercourse or kissing.

    Additional factors that provoke viral activity include:

    • Taking antibacterial drugs.
    • Harmful food.
    • Long stress.
    • Body hypothermia.
    • Overwork and overwork.

    During pregnancy, immunity decreases, so that the latent virus is activated during this time. Pregnant women must have regular gynecological examinations to diagnose the disorder in a timely manner. If the virus is confirmed to be in the body, your doctor will prescribe special treatment that will not harm either the mother or the baby.


    Genital warts, also called genital warts, are quite common sexually transmitted infections (STIs). They are caused by human papillomaviruses (HPV). Condylomas appear as small warts on the genitals. However, the experts at the Center for Phytotherapy (MES PLANTES) have a natural treatment based on medicinal plants to permanently cure condylomas. Click on the image below to discover this natural treatment.


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    Symptoms and methods of diagnosis

    Genital warts are most common during pregnancy. Symptoms of these neoplasms include:

    • Burning or itching in the genital area.
    • Increased burning sensation during urination.
    • The nature of the foreign body in the vagina.

    In the case of large-scale growth of neoplasms, secretion occurs with a sharp unpleasant odor. If the integrity of the genital warts is compromised, irritation and redness develop, which can lead to bleeding. During pregnancy, you can decide whether to treat or wait for birth, this can only be done by your doctor.

    Is it possible to give birth to genital warts?

    Of course, no one cancels a birth due to this disease. However, you should be aware that the presence of condylomatosis in a pregnant woman increases control and increases the amount of growth with each doctor's appointment. If they grow, you need to decide whether to remove genital warts now or in the postpartum period.

    It is better to leave all manipulations for a while after giving birth. However, if infection of the child is unavoidable, a cesarean section may be performed in consultation with a physician.

    A woman should understand that this is not the choice of doctors, it is the need to protect the child from genital warts.

    In most cases, childbirth occurs naturally in the presence of growth. Doctors do not panic if the growth is in the anogenital zone. Such births are considered safe for the fetus.

    A cesarean section is needed for women whose genital warts prevent the fetus from passing through and may offer to bleed. Bleeding is life-threatening for women of childbearing potential.

    Qualitative counseling of pregnant women should take place throughout the period to rule out an increase in the focus of the infection.

    Folk remedies for growth

    Alternative growth abatement is considered safer than drugs, but not all methods can be used during pregnancy. Be sure to consult your doctor before starting treatment. Sometimes you can remove formatting using:

    1. Variety of tinctures.
    2. Apple or grape juice.
    3. Egg white.
    4. castor oil.
    5. Aloe and Kalanchoe Gruel.
    6. Onion juice.

    Many women ask if genital warts go away after pregnancy? There are cases when the formation due to certain factors (restoration of the immune system, strengthening of the body, etc.) passes independently, without any treatment. However, in most cases, the tumor must be removed by traditional or folk methods and a course of combination therapy to strengthen the immune system. Maybe prescribing antiviral drugs, vitamin therapy, changing diet.

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