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  • LUPUS: Alternative Healing

    Lupus is not the only one of Dr. Home-like diagnosis, but also the name of the collection of autoimmune diseases in which the immune system causes the immune system to attack and fight itself, the brain is healthy. The most common, severe, and most well-known form of lupus is lupus erythematosus.

    Symptoms of lupus

    Symptoms of lupus include joint pain and joint pain, as well as a high incidence of arthritis. Affected joints are the fingers, hands, wrists and knees. Other symptoms include chest pain due to shortness of breath, tiredness, fever without special problems, nausea, hair loss, sore throat, sunburn and swollen lymph nodes.  Another characteristic of lupus is the "butterfly" - which occurs in about half of all cases of lupus erythematosus. These rashes can occur on the face, chest or hands.

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    What is lupus and what does it look like?

    The most common symptoms are:
    Skin rashes or bumps that do not appear well when exposed to sunlight Butterfly face rash that covers the jaw and sometimes the bridge of the nose or bumps. Itching that can appear in other parts of the body.
    Osteoarthritis Stiffness and blockage in the joints
    Fever or fever Severe symptoms such as fingers and toes that turn white or blue when hot or cold or irritable (Raynaud). Occurs)
    Chest pain
    Dryness of the eyes
    Tired and tired Headache, confusion and loss of breath During regular activities

    Diagnosis and cause

    It is believed that the cause of lupus in genetics and mutations in mankind. In particular, the HLA, C1, C2 and C4 genes appear to be directly involved in the occurrence of lupus. Diagnosis is based on symptoms, medical plans, specific history and diagnosis.

    Who is affected by the disease?

    Lupus affects women more than men (7: 1). It is estimated that 0.041% is affected by the disease. The disease is common in African descent. 70% of lupus diagnoses are lupus erythematosus.

    Alternative healing and natural

    It is believed that many people suffer from autoimmune diseases using alternative methods and natural remedies. These can be debilitating (e.g. the use of cannabis) or more commonly, such as herbal remedies, yoga, acupuncture, oxygen therapy and reflexology.


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