One of the most common diseases among the male population is spermatocele- a non-malignant neoplasm that forms in the area of ​​the testicles. It is a small, hollow growth with a liquid content inside. According to statistics, more than thirty percent of men face a similar pathology. And, despite the fact that with a cyst there are virtually no obvious symptoms, a neglected form of the disease can lead to infertility and other serious consequences. Most often, the presence of pathology is detected at the next examination during an ultrasound. In the early stages of the disease, surgical intervention can be excluded, therefore, the treatment of spermatocele with natural remedies is considered the most economical and effective therapeutic measure.Discover this natural treatment by clicking on the image below . 

    Epididymal cyst natural solution

    Plants against epididymal cyst (spermatocele)

    Le remède que nous vous proposons est constitué de plantes très efficaces contre les kystes dont la spermatocèle. Pour faciliter leur ingestion, les plantes ont été macérées et réduite en poudre. Certaines propriétés de notre remède en font un traitement efficace contre la spermatocèle. Il s’agit notamment de:
    -Antidouleur pour réduire une gêne éventuelle occasionnée par la spermatocèle ;
    -Anti inflammatoire pour limiter les dégâts, empêcher une évolution du kyste, empêcher le développement d’autres kystes sur l’épididyme ;
    -Pouvoir drainant pour faciliter le drainage du liquide ;
    -Astringent, pour resserrer les tissus au fur et à mesure que le drainage s’opère ;
    -Une action « antibiotique » non négligeable pour assurer un environnement interne moins propice aux infections.

    Natural remedies for spermatocele

    1-  Linseed juice

    Linseed juice

    You can also cure the pathology with the help of flax grass. It is necessary to take flax, squeeze the juice from it, add butter to it (the ratio of proportions should be 2: 5) and light a small fire. The mixture should languish until all of the excess liquid has completely evaporated. Use the ointment after it has completely cooled and infused. It is applied as a cream to the testicle damaged by the cyst until the growth has completely disappeared.

    2-  Jasmine


    You can also treat a cyst with jasmine. To do this, prepare the ointment. About fifty grams of the plant's flowers are taken; laid out in a bowl and poured with a glass of oil on top (it is better to use olive oil). The mixture should be well infused, so you should wait at least ten days before using the ointment. After this time, the mass should be filtered, after which you can use the tool; it is rubbed on the site of the cyst on a daily basis, mainly in the morning. This method of treatment gives good results when combined with other folk remedies; for example, decoctions, tinctures, etc.

    3-  Amanita


    You can get rid of the pathology without surgery with the help of Amanita. To make tincture, you need to take fresh mushrooms, clean it well so that there is no dirt and forest debris, and put it in a pot to the brim. Pour alcohol around the edges - at least 70%. In extreme cases, you can use regular vodka. After the container is closed and put in a dark place for a period of at least fourteen days. Insist until the liquid acquires a characteristic reddish-brown tint and a peculiar smell. As soon as the desired effect is achieved, the tincture should be filtered, and the resulting liquid should be poured into vials.

     To cure spermatocele in men, it is necessary to follow a certain pattern of consumption of tincture, which first increases, and then decreases. That is, on the first day of administration - 1 drop, the second - 2 and so on up to 15 drops in one dose, then, on the contrary, from 15 drops per day to one at the end. Thus, the duration of treatment should be thirty days.

    4-  Chestnut


    In addition, for the treatment of pathology, chestnut juice from the flowers of the plant is perfect. It is necessary to collect fresh flowers; squeeze out all the juice and consume 20 drops per day, diluted with water.

    5-  Arnica Mountain

    Arnica mountain

    Another no less effective method of alternative therapy is as follows; add the mountain arnica flowers to a glass of boiling water. Let sit for 2 hours. You need to drink 1 tablespoon daily three times a day, but only after eating.

    As you can see, the treatment with folk remedies for spermatocele in men is very real. Above all, it is accessible to everyone. The sooner the problem is discovered, the more effective the conservative treatment will be. This is especially important for men who do not want to use modern medicine; those who resort, at best or at worst, to surgery.

    In any case, it is necessary to worry about male health; in order to avoid the development of neoplasms on the testicles, you should always undergo a scheduled examination by a urologist.

    You can also find folk recipes made from plantain seeds. It is believed that the healing properties of plantain will help restore male strength. They will also help get rid of symptoms and testicular cyst.

    In folk medicine, there are many other recipes for treating spermatocele. Whether or not to trust them is everyone's personal business. Remember that using these methods without consulting a specialist can be dangerous for your health. After all, herbal preparations are also not harmless and have their contraindications; especially in case of prolonged exposure.