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BLOCKED FALLOPIAN TUBE: Lifestyle and natural remedy

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What are fallopian tubes?

Better known as the uterine tubes, the fallopian tubes are an integral part of the female genital system. Thus, the two tubes play a major role in the process of human reproduction since they connect the ovaries and the uterus. It is in them that the oocyte, resulting from the ovary, transits and can be fertilized by a sperm. In some cases, these uterine tubes can become blocked, preventing the meeting of male and female gametes.

The natural treatment that we offer is a very effective solution to unclog your fallopian tubes and restore your fertility. This is the secret to unlocking your proboscis naturally through plants. Although there are many causes of infertility, a blockage of the fallopian tubes (blocked tubes) is often the reason that many women are unable to have a child. Even if there is ovulation, if your tubes are blocked, fertilization is impossible (meeting between a sperm and an oocyte). It is a very effective solution for unblocking your fallopian tubes and getting pregnant. It is composed of 2 elements: an oil to apply as a poultice and herbal teas. This is the secret to unlocking your proboscis naturally through plants. By its vasodilator, purifying and diuretic power, the herbal tea will have the action of unclogging your tubes.

African Herbal Tea For Blocked Fallopian Tube 

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Blocked fallopian tubes: What are the causes?

There are many possible reasons for the obstruction of one or both fallopian tubes:

Salpingitis: it corresponds to inflammation of the fallopian tubes. It is mainly caused by bacteria from the Chlamydiae family, although in some cases gonococci or mycoplasmas can be responsible.
Genital infections: are often caused by sexually transmitted infections (STIs). It can lead to cases of infertility or sterility.
Endometriosis: This disorder results from an abnormal proliferation of endometrial tissue outside the uterine cavity. This gynecological pathology can affect the fallopian tubes and hinder the progression of sperm to the oocyte.
Inflammation of the small pelvis: this is an upper genital infection (IGH), that is to say of the upper part of the reproductive organs.
congenital anomalies of the uterus or vagina: these so-called "Mullerian" anomalies can reduce a woman's chances of getting pregnant.
Myomas: these benign growths can get lodged in a tube and obstruct its passage.


1.  Cleansing with a fertility diet

Diet and Infertility | Eat to Get Pregnant | Fertility Foods
The fertility diet helps cleanse the entire reproductive system and increase blood flow to the reproductive organs. The herbs in this cleansing regimen are absorbed by the body and will work where they are needed. The fertility cleanse creates a "clean slate" in the body that helps the body respond better and use other natural remedies.

This fertility diet cleans up the food waste you need to avoid and synthesizes more you need. Foods that you should avoid are alcohol, cigarettes, non-organic meats and dairy products, processed foods, processed white seeds, white sugar, fried foods, soy foods.

When it comes to what you should eat, the following should be suitable for fertility cleansing:

  • Eat all organic vegetables.
  • Eat low amounts of dairy products and make sure the ones you eat are organic.
  • Eat fish at least three times a week.
  • All types of red meats are recommended.
  • Avoid chicken or chicken products.
  • Seeds are also highly recommended
  • Consume foods with high enzymatic proportions
  • Avoid all refined sugars or fruit juices (unless it is freshly squeezed).
  • Drink plenty of clean water.

2) Fertility or abdominal massage

Can These Self-Fertility Massages Help You Get Pregnant?
Massage is another natural therapy that could help improve the health of the fallopian tubes. Massage helps increase circulation and break up adhesions. Massage provides a great non-intrusive option for women with bouvhées fallopian tubes. You can do this therapy on your own.

  • Lie down on an exercise mat with your face up and a pillow under your lower back.
  • Relax and apply almond, olive, or lavender oil to your hands and massage it into your pubic bone, as the uterus is below this bone.
  • Gently massage from bottom to bottom and pull your abdominal wall towards the navel. Maintain this position, count to 10 and release your hands. Repeat this maneuver 10 to 20 times.
  • Do not do this if you are bleeding or are pregnant. Also, if possible, visit a massage therapist who specializes in abdominal massage for best results.


3) Castor oil therapy

Castor Oil

Castor oil treatment has been used for centuries to help with healing tissues in the body and especially the reproductive system. By applying these packages externally, positive benefits have been found.

A castor oil packet is a cloth soaked in castor oil that is placed on the skin to improve circulation and promote healing of tissues and organs under the skin. Castor oil therapy helps the fallopian tubes by softening tissue and increasing circulation to the area.

Castor Oil Packets promote the healing of the reproductive system by stimulating circulation and triggering the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for removing metabolic waste, old diseased cells, and tissues. This is very important, especially if the blocked fallopian tubes could have been caused by an ectopic pregnancy, a sexually transmitted disease (STD), infection from a past surgery, endometriosis, uterine fibroids or ovarian cysts.


4) Foods with antioxidants

Antioxidant - Benefits and Super Rich Foods
Try to avoid things like meat from animals as they contain hormones that can affect a woman's hormones like estrogen. Replace them with foods rich in antioxidants to promote wound healing. Foods rich in antioxidants are:

Fresh fruits, vegetables (all kinds)
Vegetable oils like sunflower oil, coconut oil, olive oil.

Tea, chocolate, soy, coffee and cinnamon are high in flavonoids (a type of antioxidant).

Carotenoids are plant enzymes that have antioxidant activity and can reduce the build-up of free radicals in the body. Carotenoids can be stored by consuming eggs, fruits and red-yellow vegetables like carrots, mangoes, bell peppers, papayas, citrus fruits, spinach, etc.

5) Stop drinking and smoking

No Alcohol Stock Vector Illustration And Royalty Free No Alcohol ...
The blockage of the fallopian tubes most often occurs when you are under excessive stress. So, you have to improve the quality of your life to be on the right track to unblocking your fallopian tubes naturally. 
Alcohol and smoking are considered primary factors for such illnesses and are important for healing by permanently giving up these habits. Not only will this action improve the conditions of the fallopian tubes, but it will also improve the health of your body, nails, hair, teeth and even your skin.

If you are a regular smoker or an alcoholic, it is high time to start exerting yourself and quitting altogether.


6) Meditation

The Types and Benefits of Meditation

Meditation will help lower stress levels and promote general healing. As additional advice, remember to start meditating with a short session consisting of breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Even if you only spend a few minutes, meditation will provide you with positive energy to start your day and reduce stress. Reduced stress means less damage to inflamed and blocked tubes.

7) Vitamin C

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Vitamin C? | Meritage Medical ...
Vitamin C is essential for absorbing iron. It has the ability to improve immunity and can fight infections. If you suspect that the cause of the blocked fallopian tubes is an infection, vitamin C can help you overcome it.

It's easy to get vitamin C from food sources, especially when you like citrus fruits. Eat as many oranges, lemons, and grapefruit as possible.

Besides these fruits, you can try strawberries, broccoli, and green peppers to cure yourself with a good vitamin C.

Medical treatment
As a general rule, microsurgical intervention to stimulate fertility is recommended only in women with both uterine tubes blocked. This practice is only offered if the implantation of the occlusions allows it and if the tubes themselves are not altered. However, this type of operation is not always sufficient to promote fertility since many women who have undergone this procedure must have in vitro fertilization (IVF) to become pregnant.


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